For several years, I rode the 29 bus to work. Every morning I would see this really cute guy and we would ride the same 29 bus to and from work.

It got to the point where I would look forward to seeing him, and when he wasn’t there, I was bummed. We both tended to read and never sat next to each other or spoke, but we caught each other’s eyes and smiled. His smile could knock you out. He was always dressed nicely and I loved that he had a button on his backpack that said “count your lucky stars.”

After having this crush for a good long while, I worked up the nerve to tell him I liked his “count your lucky stars” button. Turned out the button was from a record label from my home state, and as we got to talking we realized that we were neighbors, soccer fans, runners. As we got to know each other’s friends they would exclaim “Oh! You’re bus girl/boy!” Turned out I wasn’t the only one with a crush.
We’ve been together over a year now and just moved into our first apartment together. His smile still knocks me out.
Counting my lucky stars for that route 29.
-Olivia & Matte