Heads up if you’re riding transit through downtown Seattle this weekend. Buses that normally operate in the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel will instead use surface streets and stops due to construction at Convention Place Station.

Link light rail will continue to operate normally through the tunnel. All tunnel stations will be open to light rail.

During the weekend closures
Metro bus routes 41 and 255 heading toward Lake City and Kingsgate will travel through downtown Seattle via Fourth Avenue and Olive Way. Heading back into downtown Seattle, Route 41 will travel via Second Avenue, and Route 255 will travel via Fifth Avenue.

Metro routes 101 and 150 heading to their south-end destinations, and Sound Transit Express Route 550 to Bellevue, will travel through downtown Seattle via Stewart Street and Second Avenue. Heading back into town they will travel via Fourth Avenue.

All posted  stops on the SODO Busway will be open. Service in that area will operate via normal routes and stops. Downtown tunnel buses operating via surface street routing will serve designated bus stops.

Visit Metro’s Service Advisories pages to find out the routing and stops for specific routes.

Other weekend events & construction
In addition to delays that could result from the surface street operation of DSTT service, construction projects along downtown streets and other events this weekend, may cause intermittent congestion or delays.  Transit customers in the downtown area, and other areas served by the affected routes, are advised to use regularly published schedules to plan transit trips, then allow plenty of time and be prepared for delays.

Transit service during unexpected or civic events
In areas where there are transit service disruptions due to crowds, traffic, weather or civic events, transit riders are advised:

  • Be aware of conditions in their immediate vicinity, such as street closures, detours, police directions, etc.
  • Be prepared for delays or to make revisions to travel plans, such as traveling at a different time or using a different bus stop or route, depending on specific circumstances.
  • Be prepared for unexpectedly revised traffic or routing, and for delays in transit service.
  • Know the alternate stops or routes that may be in the vicinity of starting points and destinations.

Such events may be scheduled or unexpected, and may disrupt normal travel patterns or activities even outside of the event area.

While every effort will be made to keep riders informed of Metro’s service status, depending on the time and the nature of such events, Metro may not be able to provide real-time information or service updates via email or text.

Metro will also be following police direction or other applicable protocols, with safety as the first concern, and will work to maintain or restore service as soon as possible.

Event start and end times and other details may be unknown or subject to change.

For non-transit traffic or other local updates, check media sources, follow @seattledot or visit
– https://twitter.com/seattledot 
– https://twitter.com/SeattlePD
or other relevant sites. Riders’ patience during these types of events is appreciated.

Additional information
Visit Metro’s website for complete information about Metro and regional transportation services.

See Metro’s Service Advisories page for information about revised Metro bus service, routing and stops for planned events. Sign up for Transit Alerts or check for a service advisory before you travel.

Use Metro’s online or mobile regional Puget Sound Trip Planner to plan your travel, and for information about bus stops, schedules, predicted times at stops and other information.

Visit the King County Water Taxi site for information about regular and holiday Water Taxi operation.

Visit the Community TransitPierce TransitSound Transit or Washington State Ferries websites for information about services provided by Metro’s regional transit partners.