UPDATE: Customers can again request trips for Ride2 West Seattle using the app or via phone calls. Our contractor is monitoring the system after making fixes last night. Thank you for your patience as we addressed issues that emerged with the app.

Ride2 West Seattle customers: Apparently due to the very high volume of customer requests during this afternoon’s viaduct closure commute (Monday, Jan. 14), Ride2 is temporarily unable to fulfill all requests for rides made via app or by telephone.

Metro apologizes for the inconvenience and we are working with our vendor to address the issue to better meet customer demand. Ride2 West Seattle service launched in December as a first-last mile pilot project connecting riders with bus and Water Taxi service. The first commute day of the viaduct closure has shown demand for the service is temporarily outstripping capacity and the technology used for scheduling the service.

Riders who experience the app freezing and who cannot wait for Ride2 service to become available should consider seeking other travel arrangements at this time. Again we apologize for this inconvenience.