Susan Fee is a Seattle native who recently returned home after 25 years away and encountered a new-to-her phenomenon: the Seattle Freeze. The standoffish silence our region has been criticized for extended to her bus commute, too – until she met Bonnie, that is.

Bonnie’s warm, friendly greeting and tour guide persona made Susan feel right at home (again) and restored her faith in Seattle humanity. Susan deemed her Care Bear Bonnie, a reference to the stuffed mascots donning the front dashboard of her bus, and shared about her positive experience at the Fresh Ground Stories storytelling event and The Evergrey.

Bonnie with her “Care Bears” … none of which are actual Care Bears, by the way

Unfortunately, Susan never saw Bonnie the Bus Driver on her bus again.

Fortunately, KNKX radio came to the rescue. They orchestrated a surprise reunion between Susan and Bonnie on air. They call it a “Jerry Springer moment;” we call it an “Oprah moment.” Tomato, tomahto.

Here’s Bonnie sneaking up to the studio where an unknowing Susan awaits.

Watch the happy reunion here (sound on!):

You can listen to their subsequent conversation on KNKX’s website.

Thanks for your engaging spirit, Bonnie, and for encouraging us all to be a little more friendly.