If you ride light rail through Tukwila or live near the Allentown neighborhood, you may have noticed construction equipment and activity near Metro’s South Campus. In early March, Metro contractors Rhine Demolition started crunching and clearing an old Group Health building at 12400 E. Marginal Way, next door to our existing South Base.

By September of 2020, the cleared site will begin serving as an operations and maintenance facility for around 125 buses as our new Interim Base at South Campus.

Features include:

  • 21,600-square-foot vehicle maintenance building
  • 10,400-square-foot operations building
  • 4,800-square-foot office building
  • 375-square-foot workspace for team members that direct bus drivers within the base

The Interim Base will also become the testing, charging, operating, and maintenance ground for our first major purchase of all-electric buses.

The Bigger Picture

This work is part of Metro’s $1.2 Billion plan to meet growing demand for transit by adding bus base capacity in strategic locations. Today Metro services buses at seven bases around the county where space and facilities are strained. Over the next 10 years, we will improve and expand our existing bases and build new ones—including opening the Interim Base at South Campus in 2020.

Good Neighbors

Metro works with communities to be a good neighbor and create facilities that support community goals and add value. We are committed to keeping the community informed during construction. We anticipate minimal neighborhood disturbances during demolition, which wraps up this summer. If you live or work nearby, you may see large trucks and equipment moving in and out of the project area, hear some construction noise and feel minor vibrations in the immediate area.

Stay in touch by signing up for project updates at kingcounty.gov/metro/bases or leave a voicemail on the project information line at 206-263-1585.