It was West Seattle Blog that first posed the question: “Water Taxi: More romantic than a Venice gondola?”

As the official blog of the King County Water Taxi, we are pleased to confirm that, yes – our water taxi is more romantic than that of our Venetian counterparts.

Just ask the myriad couples who’ve had sparks fly aboard our Love Boat.

For example, let’s not forget Rozi and Brandon, who actually celebrated a portion of their wedding on the water taxi.

But before Rozi and Brandon, and even before the service was called “King County Water Taxi,” there was Irene and Bruce.

More than 20 years ago, Irene Stewart was working for Metropolitan King County Council and serving on the original Elliot Bay Water Taxi project management team, which was a collaboration between King County, City of Seattle, and Port of Seattle. Bruce Butterfield was a realtor for Prudential Northwest Realty (now Berkshire Hathaway NW Real Estate) at Jefferson Square. After meeting through a mutual friend, Bruce sent Irene an email to compliment her on the success of the Elliott Bay Water Taxi.

“Bruce indicated he hadn’t yet tried the water taxi. I asked him, in fun, if he wanted a personal tour,” says Irene.

Bruce happily accepted her offer.

“We rode the water taxi downtown and went out to dinner on the waterfront, then returned to West Seattle on the final run,” Irene recalls.

Ten years later, Bruce and Irene became engaged aboard that same boat, with the city skyline as a backdrop and surrounded by cheers of fellow passengers. Wedding bells followed one year and two days later.

Irene and Bruce celebrated ten years of marriage last year and offer this advice to those wanting to keep their relationship “afloat”:

“Keep your sense of humor. Make time for fun together. Ride the water taxi!”

We wish all smooth sailing to the happy couple.