Every day, thousands of King County Metro transit, rail, and paratransit operators are responsible for delivering passengers to work, school, and appointments, and back home again. They wake before the sun comes up and work through the night.

During these challenging times, it’s more important than ever that we honor our public servants who are essential to keeping our community moving. On March 18, 2020, we’re again celebrating International Transit Driver Appreciation Day.

We hope you’ll join us in thanking your driver. While we know they’d appreciate the sentiment, please no cards, cookies, flowers or balloons—they’ve got to focus on their important jobs.

With public health’s guidance, we know that giving thanks can be done most safely by filling out a Driver Commendation Form or giving a shoutout on social media. Please note the details of your bus trip, such as the route and four-digit coach number, which helps us send that praise to the correct operator from among King County’s nearly 3,600 professional transit operators.

So bookmark the link above, and send a commendation for Transit Operators Appreciation Day or on any day you see a driver go above and beyond, or if you just want to thank them for getting you where you need to go. A smile and a “thank you” also can go a long way in improving your driver’s day. Thank you for riding and thank you for appreciating our hard-working team of drivers who keep you moving you every day!

Behind the scenes

In honor of all they do for passengers every day, we want to highlight some of the things you may not know drivers do both behind the scenes and while driving you from place to place.

1. They operate under a rigid schedule to keep us moving.

Our drivers have to show up exactly on time to work every day and be ready to go. They inspect their bus, both for mechanical-related reasons and to ensure it’s clean. They operate it with safety and timeliness always in mind, and do it all with a smile on their face.

2. They work early and late hours, on weekends and holidays.

While you’re at home with family opening Christmas presents, enjoying Fourth of July fireworks, eating turkey on Thanksgiving, our drivers are out there getting people where they need to go. Being a Metro driver means putting our passengers first, no matter what day it is.

3. They go above and beyond for everyone, including our transit-dependent riders.

Every day, drivers support disabled and elderly riders when they need some assistance and patience in a fast-paced environment.  They assist customers with using the ramp when they’re wheelchair-assisted and can help secure them in place. And drivers wait and watch for disabled persons to make it safely across the road even after they’re off the bus. In fact, Metro has won the “George Turner Award” in recognition of our operators best exemplifying a positive attitude and keen awareness of the elderly and disabled.