Heading into winter months and facing some trip cancellations, we wanted to remind riders of the best tools to have handy.

Some of these tools are for planning ahead, and others are helpful while traveling.

Metro continues to operate an all-day, frequent regional network. We are committed to connecting our customers—including essential workers—to critical needs including groceries, medicine, and work. Even with staffing disruptions, we are delivering over 98% of our nearly 11,000 scheduled weekday trips.

Before you go, and when it snows

Snow on the street? There’s a good chance transit service could be disrupted.

  • Check your email or text messages for a Transit Alert from Metro for the routes you signed up for. It’s easy to sign up online.
  • Check MetroWinter.com to for our snow guide and weather-specific information on Access paratransit, Water Taxi, and flexible services
  • Tune in to media and transportation agencies in your area, like the Seattle, Bellevue or Washington State transportation departments, in case of widespread snow and ice.

Real-time (at your bus stop)

Our real-time updates can let you know when a bus trip is operating, when it is due to depart or if it was canceled due to weather or an operator shortage.

  • First, visit MetroWinter.com to see which routes are on snow route and determine if your route is operating.
  • Then, use one of our real-time tools to see if your desired trip is on schedule.
  • Follow @kcmetrobus on Twitter

Canceled trips due to staffing availability

Metro is facing an intermittent shortage of available bus drivers amid a regional increase in COVID-19 cases, and King County Metro has recently had to cancel some weekday bus trips. We are still delivering 98% to 99% of scheduled service.

Metro is providing as much service as possible by also using backup drivers and drivers who can provide additional trips.