Michelle Allison, who has helped shape King County Metro into the regional mobility leader it is today, was named Metro’s Deputy General Manager. Allison served as Interim Deputy General Manager since August and was previously Metro’s Chief of Staff. Terry White, recently confirmed as Metro’s new General Manager, announced the appointment this week.

“I would not have accepted my new position without knowing that Michelle would fill this important role,” said White. “She is a trusted colleague and friend, and I am confident she is the right person to help lead Metro during this challenging time and into the future.”

Metro Deputy General Manager Michelle Allison
Metro Deputy General Manager Michelle Allison

Allison joined Metro four years ago as its first Chief of Staff. In that role, she strengthened stakeholder partnerships, and grew the agency’s strategic communications and engagement efforts. Allison also oversaw Metro’s transition from a division to a department.

“To say it simply, Michelle knows how to get things done,” said White. “She is an extremely effective leader. I also appreciate how authentic Michelle is – and her values align with Metro’s. She cares deeply about our community, and believes in the power of mobility and the role Metro plays in improving the quality of life in King County.”

Allison began her King County career 11 years ago working in the office of King County Councilmember Jan Drago. She then served for four years as a legislative aide for King County Councilmember Joe McDermott, focusing on transit and land use policy.

Allison later became the Government Relations Lead for the King County Department of Transportation, and then served as the Director of King County Council Relations for Executive Dow Constantine.