Yesterday wasn’t easy, but thanks to our operators and maintenance staff, we were able to keep Metro bus service moving during the storm. Road conditions were challenging, and they remain challenging today, with some areas continuing to experience fresh snow, with the possibility of ice and freezing rain.

We had a peak of 193 buses temporarily stuck across parts of our service area, either from road conditions on hills, or from chains coming loose and wrapping around the axle. Our teams worked through the night to retrieve them, with just 29 remaining stuck in the field as of 9 a.m. today.  

All buses remain on snow routes and are fully chained at this time. As road conditions improve, we hope to restore regular bus service in coming days, but it depends on the incoming weather systems. 

We continue to encourage people to stay home and avoid travel, if possible. For people who must travel, Metro remains a safe alternative to driving. 

Crews chain Metro bus tires
Crews chain Metro bus tires

Before you travel, click the map at to see how your individual bus route is operating. When it’s time to travel, text your Stop ID to 62550 to see what buses are coming your way, or use the Puget Sound Trip planner app or mobile website.

Please note that real-time alerts will not reflect the accessibility of bus stops. Unfortunately, with more than 5,000 bus stops in our service area and rapidly changing conditions, Metro does not have eyes on, and cannot predict, what each bus stop will look like in real time. 

We have dedicated resources, and collaborate with other agencies, to clear and maintain access to and from major facilities, such as park and ride lots, transit centers, downtown core areas and other more heavily traveled corridors. In neighborhoods where streets and sidewalks are not cleared, it’s highly possible that the bus stop will also not be cleared.

Riders can generally board buses on main arterials, where cities work to plow away snow so buses can operate. If you typically catch your bus on a hill, consider using a different bus stop on level ground to increase the odds that your desired bus can reach you. 

Please remember to wear your mask while waiting for transit and onboard buses. Bonus: masks keep your face warm!