February is the month that we recognize, honor, and celebrate the continuing contributions of African Americans in the United States and throughout the world.

Black History Month is the American story: A story of enslavement, oppression, and discrimination for those brought to these shores in chains, but also a story of freedom, struggle, advancement, triumph, heritage, and family.

In recognition of Black History Month, we are proud to present two artistic works from members of our Metro family:

A spoken word presentation from Azziem Underwood, a member of Metro’s Customer Information team, called “Black Every Day” (Click the photo below) 

Azziem Underwood-"Black Every Day"

And “Black History Tribute,” a poem from Dana Pegram, who started her career with Metro as an operator, and is now in the Customer Information Office:

Black History Tribute--Dana Pegram


Black History Tribute  

I gave you a piece of me, my mind, my passion, my vision, which you used but did not recognize my identity.  

You did not talk about me, who I was, what I contributed. You mace me and beat me when all I wanted was to be recognized for my genius for my creativity, for my hard work. 

I am Black, I am an African American.   

I owe those before me, those today, and those tomorrow to speak about their glory, their fight, their royalty.   

Yes, royalty we are. We are a resilient culture full of many great beings.  

We have shared for years and gave and gave, we must recognize the blood, sweat, and tears of those who brought music, art, education, technology, politics, law, activism, sports, and medicine that provide foundation to our nation.  

Celebrate us, appreciate us, honor us, thank us, and recognize us. 

Dana Pegram

Next: A discussion of Black History Month, equity, creating an antiracist society, and the “Beloved Community”