On Saturday, March 20, 2021, Metro will adjust service on routes in Seattle and King County, however some routes and trips remain suspended for the foreseeable future due to low ridership demand and financial realities. For routes that are suspended, here are updated tips and alternatives, courtesy of Metro planners. Riders also can call customer service for trip planning assistance at 206-553-3000 from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, and Metro’s Puget Sound Trip Planner website and app now are up to date for planning trips on or after March 20.

We appreciate everyone continuing to follow the requirement to wear a mask on public transportation at all times.

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Route 5X (suspended)

  • Along Greenwood Avenue North and/or Phinney Avenue North, use the Route 5 to/from downtown Seattle.

Route 9 (suspended)

  • Along Rainier Avenue South, use Routes 7 or 106.
  • Between Rainier Valley and First Hill, use Link or routes 7 or 106 and transfer to/from the First Hill Streetcar or Route 60 at South Jackson Street and 12th Avenue South.

Route 15 (suspended)

  • Along 15th Avenue NW, use the RapidRide D Line between Ballard and downtown Seattle.

Route 17 (suspended)

  • From 32nd Avenue NW, use the Route 40 along 24th Avenue NW between Ballard and downtown Seattle.

Route 18 (suspended)

  • From 24th Avenue NW, use the Route 40 between Ballard and downtown Seattle.

Route 19 (suspended)

  • On West Viewmont Way W, use the Route 24 between Magnolia and downtown Seattle.
  • From West McGraw Street or Condon Way West, use either the Route 24 or 33 between Magnolia and downtown Seattle via 28th Avenue West south of West Blaine Street or West Galer/West Garfield Street.

Route 22 (suspended)

  • In Arbor Heights and Arroyo Heights, use Route 21.
  • From Westwood Village or along California Avenue SW, use the RapidRide C Line.

Route 29 (suspended)

  • Between Ballard and downtown Seattle: use the RapidRide D Line.
  • Between Ballard and West Nickerson Street: use Route 40 and routes 31 or 32 with a transfer at Fremont.
  • Between Queen Anne, Uptown, and Downtown: use routes 1, 2, 3, 4, or 13.
  • Between Uptown and Downtown: use the RapidRide D Line or routes 1, 2, 3, 4, or 13 and Seattle Monorail.

Route 37 (suspended)

  • Between Alki and downtown Seattle, the West Seattle Water Taxi and shuttle routes 773 and 775 are operating limited weekday-only service.
  • From Alki Point, use Route 50 and connect with the RapidRide C Line at Alaska Junction or Link light rail or routes 101 or 150 at SODO Station. The West Seattle Water Taxi shifts to a spring-summer schedule April 19 through October 15, with all-day service 7-days a week and late night service until about 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Route 47 (suspended)

  • Walk or roll to/from East John Street/Olive Way and use routes 10 or 43.
  • Walk or roll to/from Broadway and use Route 49.
  • Walk or roll to/from the Capitol Hill Link station (Broadway and John Street) and use Link light rail

Route 63 (suspended)  

  • Between Northgate Transit Center and First Hill, use Route 41 to connect with routes 2, 3, 4, or 12
  • Between Northgate Transit Center and South Lake Union, use Route 41 to connect with routes 40, 62, or 70 or the RapidRide C Line in downtown Seattle
  • From Maple Leaf, use Route 67 to connect with Route 64 in Roosevelt

Route 71 (suspended)

  • Near 35th Avenue NE, use Routes 65 and 67 to/from UW

Route 76 (suspended)  

  • In Wedgwood, use Route 65 and connect with Link light rail at the UW Station to/from downtown Seattle, or use Route 62.
  • In View Ridge, use Route 71 and connect with Link light rail at the UW Station to/from downtown Seattle, or use Route 62.

Route 77 (suspended)  

  • North of NE 125th Street, use Routes 347 or 348 and connect with Route 41 to/from downtown Seattle.
  • At NE Northgate Way, use Route 75 and connect with Route 41 to/from downtown Seattle.
  • At NE 82nd Street, walk or roll northeast to Lake City Way NE at 20th Avenue NE and Route ST 522 to/from downtown Seattle

Route 78 (suspended)    

  • Between Laurelhurst and the UW or University District, use Routes 31/32, 65/67, or 75 stopping on NE 45th Street at 36th Avenue NE.

Route 113 (suspended

  • At Westwood Village, use Route 120 to/from downtown Seattle or routes 21 or 21X to/from downtown Seattle.

Route 116 (suspended

  • From Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal and south of SW Morgan, use the RapidRide C Line.

Route 308 (suspended

  • Along NE 145th Street use routes 65, 73, or 373 and connect with Link light rail at UW Station to get to/from downtown Seattle, or use routes 347 or 348 to the Northgate Transit Center and connect with Route 41 to/from downtown Seattle.
  • Along SR 522, use Route ST 522 to get to/from downtown Seattle.
  • Between Ballinger Way and downtown Seattle, use eastbound Route 331 to connect with Route ST 522 along SR 522 at 61st Avenue NE to get to/from downtown Seattle, or use westbound Route 331 to connect with Route 301 or the RapidRide E Line at the Aurora Village Transit Center.
  • No service will operate on 35th Avenue NE, north of NE 190th Street in Lake Forest Park.

Route 312 (suspended)  

  • Use ST Route 522 to/from downtown Seattle. NOTE: In addition to its regular stops, Route ST 522 will serve all stops normally served by Metro Route 312 on Lake City Way NE and NE Bothell Way. On Beardslee Boulevard, use stops at Bothell P&R and UW Bothell/Cascadia College.

Route 316 (suspended)  

  • North of North 130th Street, use Route 346. South of North 130th Street, use Route 345 or 346. For service to/from Green Lake, connect with Route 26 on North 92nd Street at Corliss Avenue North. For service to/from downtown Seattle, connect with Route 41 at Northgate Transit Center.

Route 355 (suspended)  

  • Along Greenwood Avenue North between Shoreline Community College and North 85th Street use Route 5 to/from downtown Seattle.
  • Along North 85th Street, use Route 45 to connect with Link light rail at the UW Station to downtown Seattle, or use Route 5 along Greenwood Avenue North, the RapidRide E Line along Aurora Avenue North, or Route 26 along Wallingford Avenue North to downtown Seattle.
  • Between the U District and downtown Seattle, use Route 70.

Via (revised service area)

  • Around Mount Baker Station or Columbia City Stations, use routes 7, 8, 14, 36, 48, or 50.

Shoreline/Lake Forest Park Community Ride (suspended)   

  • Depending on your point of origin or destination within the Shoreline or Lake Forest Park service area, use routes 331, 345, 346, 347, 348, 372, ST 522, or RapidRide E Line.
  • No evening or night service will be available on Ballinger Way NE in Lake Forest Park and Shoreline.

East King County

Route 200 (suspended)  

  • In the Issaquah Highlands and Issaquah, use Route 269 (weekdays only w/no deviation off NW Sammamish Road) or Route ST 554.
  • Along Newport Way NW, NW Gilman Road, and Front Street North, use Route 271 or Route ST 554.

Route 214 (suspended

  • Use Route ST 554 between Issaquah and downtown Seattle.

Route 216 (suspended

  • Use Route 269 (weekdays only) between Bear Creek Park and Ride and Issaquah Highlands Park and Ride.
  • Use Route ST 554 between Issaquah Highlands Park and Ride and downtown Seattle.
  • Use Route ST 545 between Bear Creek Park and Ride and downtown Seattle.
  • At Mercer Island, use ST routes 550 or 554

Route 217 (suspended)

  • Use Route ST 554 between downtown Seattle and Issaquah.
  • Use Route 269 (weekdays only) between SE 56th Street and East Lake Sammamish Pkwy SE and Issaquah Transit Center
  • Use Route ST 554 between Issaquah Transit Center and downtown Seattle.

Route 219 (suspended

  • Use Route 269 (weekdays only) between Redmond and Issaquah Highlands Park and Ride.
  • Use Route ST 554 between Issaquah Highlands Park and Ride and downtown Seattle.

Route 232 (suspended)  

  • Use Route 224 between Duvall and Redmond Transit Center.
  • Use the RapidRide B Line between Redmond Transit Center, Redmond Technology Station, and Bellevue Transit Center.

Route 237 (suspended)  

  • In Woodinville, use Route 231 to/from Kirkland TC and transfer to/from Route 250 to/from Bellevue, or use routes 311 and ST Route 535 with a transfer at NE 128th Street
  • At Woodinville Park and Ride, use routes ST 522 and ST 535 with a transfer at the UWB/CCC to travel to and from Bellevue
  • At Brickyard Park and Ride use Route ST 535 to/from Bellevue.
  • At NE 128th Street, use route ST 535.

Route 246 (suspended)  

  • Between Factoria and downtown Bellevue, use Route 241
  • Between Factoria and Eastgate, use Route 241
  • Between Clyde Hill and downtown Bellevue, use Route 271
  • The 92nd Avenue NE freeway stop is served by routes 255, 542, and 545

Route 249 (suspended)  

  • Route 226 serves NE 24th Street between 156th and 164th Avenue NE
  • Between Overlake and downtown Bellevue use the RapidRide B Line.
  • There is no service between Overlake and Northup Way, Kirkland Crossing, Eastside Preparatory, Linbrook Office Park. To reach this area use Route 250 from downtown Bellevue.
  • There is no service on Bellevue Way NE between Northup Way and NE 10th Street. The nearest remaining service on this segment is Route 271 to the south on NE 8th Street and Route 250 to the east on 116th Avenue NE.

Route 252 (suspended)  

  • At Kingsgate P&R, use Route 257 or walk or roll to NE 128th Street for Route 311
  • North of the P&R, use routes 239 or 930 to reach routes 255, 257, or 311 at NE 128th Street
  • at NE 128th Street, ST Route 535 connects with ST Route 550 at the Bellevue Transit Center

Route 268 (suspended

  • Use Route ST 545 between Bear Creek Park and Ride and downtown Seattle via SR-520.
  • Use Route 269 between NE Redmond Way (at 188th Avenue NE) and Bear Creek Park and Ride.

Route 342 (suspended)  

  • Between Bothell and Bellevue, use ST Route 535.
  • At Houghton P&R use Route 245 to connect with Route 255 on 108th Avenue NE
  • Between Bellevue and Renton, use ST routes 560 or 566.
  • Between Shoreline and Kenmore, use Route 331 and connect with ST Route 522.
  • Faster travel times may be available by traveling via downtown Seattle depending on your point of origin and destination.

Sound Transit Express Route 541 (suspended)  

  • Use Route ST 542 between Overlake and the University District.
  • Between the University District and Green Lake, use Route 45.

Sound Transit Express Route 544 (suspended)

  • Between Overlake and Seattle, use Route ST 545 to Seattle.
  • Between South Kirkland P&R and Seattle, use Route 255 and transfer to Route ST 545 at Evergreen Point, or to Route 70 at UW Station.

Sound Transit Express Route 555/556 (suspended

  • Use Route 271between Issaquah, Bellevue, and University of Washington.
  • Between University District and Northgate use Route 67.

Route 931 (suspended

  • Between Woodinville and Bothell, use Route ST 522
  • Between Woodinville and Redmond, use Route 231 and transfer to Route 250at Kirkland TC.
  • There is no service through Cottage Lake, North Redmond, or on Woodinville-Redmond Road.

Snoqualmie Community Shuttle (Route 628) (suspended

  • Between North Bend and Snoqualmie Parkway at SE Jacobia Street or downtown Issaquah/Issaquah Transit Center use Route 208.
  • Between North Bend and Issaquah Highlands use Route 208 and transfer to Route 269at Issaquah TC.

Mercer Island Community Shuttle (Route 630) (suspended)  

  • On Mercer Island, use Route 204.
  • Between Mercer Island and First Hill, use Route 204 to/from Mercer Island Park & Ride, then
  • Use routes ST 550 or ST 554to/from downtown Seattle and transfer to/from routes 2, 3, 4, 12 or 27 to access First Hill, or
  • Use Route ST 554to Seattle and transfer to/from the First Hill Streetcar on South Jackson Street or Route 60 at 12th Avenue South.

South King County

Route 114 (suspended)  

  • In the East Renton Highlands, use Routes 105 or 240 and transfer to/from Route 101 in downtown Renton for service to/from downtown Seattle.
  • In Newcastle and South Bellevue, use Route 240 and transfer to/from Route ST 554 at Eastgate Park and Ride for service to/from downtown Seattle.

Route 118X and 119X (suspended

  • Express bus service to and from Downtown Seattle on Routes 118X and 119X is suspended.  On-island service on Routes 118 and 119 is partially restored.  Vashon riders destined for Downtown Seattle may use Routes 118 or 119 to connect with the Vashon Water Taxi, which will be operating on its Winter schedule or connect with the Washington State Ferry and transfer to the RapidRide C Line.

Route 121 (suspended)  

  • Between Burien Transit Center and downtown Seattle, use routes 120, 131 or 132.
  • South of Burien Transit Center, use Route 166 and transfer to/from Routes 120, 131 or 132 at Burien Transit Center for service to/from downtown Seattle.

Route 122 (suspended)  

  • Between Burien Transit Center and downtown Seattle, use Routes 120, 131 or 132.
  • South of Burien Transit Center, use Route 156 and transfer to/from Route 150 at Southcenter for service to/from downtown Seattle; or use Route 156 to connect with Link light rail at SeaTac Station.
  • No service will operate on Des Moines Memorial Drive north of SR 509/Ambaum Blvd. S.

Route 123 (suspended)  

  • Between Burien Transit Center and downtown Seattle, use Routes 120, 131 or 132.
  • West of Burien Transit Center, use the Burien Community Shuttle (Route 631) and transfer to/from Routes 120, 131 or 132 at Burien Transit Center for service to/from downtown Seattle.

Route 143 (suspended)  

  • In Maple Valley, use Route 168 and connect with new Route 160 to/from downtown Renton or Route 150 or new Route 162 to/from downtown Seattle.
  • No peak service will operate on SR 169.

Route 154 (suspended)  

  • To travel to Federal Center, take Sounder to downtown Seattle and use routes 131 to travel south on 4th Avenue South.
  • To travel along East Marginal Way from Tukwila Station, use the RapidRide F Line and Route 124 with a transfer at Tukwila International Boulevard Station.
  • To travel along Interurban Avenue South from Tukwila Station, use the RapidRide F Line and Route 150 with a transfer at Southcenter.

Route 157 (suspended)  

  • In Kent East Hill, use new Route 162 for direct service to/from downtown Seattle or use Routes 168 or 914 and connect with Sounder or Route 150 for service to/from downtown Seattle.
  • No service will operate north of SE 233rd Place, on SE 208th Street or on South 212th Street east of 64th Avenue South.


Route 167 (suspended

  • In Renton, use Route 101 to connect with Link light rail to/from the University District.
  • No service will be available at the NE 30th Street or 112th Avenue SE freeway station stops.
  • At the Evergreen Point and Clyde Hill/Yarrow Point freeway stations, use routes 255 or ST 542 for service to/from the University District.

Route 177 (suspended

  • At Federal Way Transit Center, use Routes ST 577 or ST 578 to/from downtown Seattle.
  • At South 272nd Street
  • Use ST 574 to connect with Link light rail at SeaTac/Airport Station or;
  • Use Route 183 to connect with Route 150, Route 162, or Sounder to/from downtown Seattle.

Route 178 (suspended

  • At South Federal Way Park and Ride, use Route 182 to connect with routes ST 577 or ST 578 for service to/from downtown Seattle.
  • At Federal Way Transit Center, use routes ST 577 or ST 578 to/from downtown Seattle.
  • At South 272nd Street, use Route 183 to connect with Route 150, Route 162, or Sounder to reach downtown Seattle.

Route 179 (suspended

  • Between Twin Lakes Park and Ride and Federal Way Transit Center, use Route 181 and connect with routes ST 577 or ST 578 for service to/from downtown Seattle.
  • At Federal Way Transit Center, use routes ST 577 or ST 578 for service to/from downtown Seattle

Route 190 (suspended

  • At Redondo Heights Park and Ride, use the RapidRide A Line to connect with Link light rail at Angle Lake station for service to/from downtown Seattle or use Route 165 to connect with Route 162 at Kent/Des Moines Park & Ride for service to/from downtown Seattle
  • At South 272nd Street, use Route 183 to connect with Sounder or Route 150 to reach downtown Seattle.

Route 197 (suspended

  • Between Twin Lakes Park and Ride and Federal Way Transit Center, use Route 181 and connect with routes ST 577 or ST 578 for service to/from downtown Seattle.
  • In downtown Seattle, use Link light rail to/from the University District.

Black Diamond/Enumclaw Community Ride (suspended

  • In Black Diamond, use Route 907.
  • In Enumclaw, use Route 915.

Normandy Park Community Ride (suspended

  • Use routes 156, 165 and 631 (Burien Community Shuttle), and 635 (Des Moines Community Shuttle).