Editor’s note: This blog post was released on April Fools’ Day 2021.

King County Metro, the region’s largest transit agency, launched a capstone mobility and engineering achievement in Seattle. The new “Infinity” articulated bus, a roughly 3-mile-long transit vehicle, forms a full loop encircling the completely-redesigned Downtown Seattle Third Avenue Transit Corridor.

The Infinity Bus provides service to destinations throughout downtown—as well as connections to other transit services—for employees, residents, and visitors. Third Avenue is Seattle’s most heavily-used transit corridor and moved more than 100,000 daily passengers in 2019.

The Infinity Bus embodies Metro’s commitment to sustainability and is part of the agency’s move to a 100% zero-emission fleet by 2040 or sooner. The new 15,840-foot vehicle is trolley-style, allowing it to pull current from overhead wires and be fully electric.

Responding to commuters wanting to travel at different times of day and not only during traditional rush hour periods, the Infinity Bus is designed to deliver highly-frequent—constant, actually—service. The bus offers arrivals and departures at all times, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“At Metro, we’ve expanded our commitment in recent years to building a mobility network guided by our customers,” said King County Metro General Manager Terry White. “The new Infinity Bus shows how frequent, all-the-time service allows you to take a break from your transit schedule or app, and simply take your trip whenever you want.”

Since the Infinity Bus has no front or back, the vehicle features all-door boarding and deboarding with ORCA card scanners for the convenience of customers. The vehicle also boasts ramps at every door for passengers with mobility needs. Additionally, filling the usual role of exterior bike racks are designated onboard storage areas for bicycles and foldable scooters.

While Metro is exploring other potential locations for future Infinity Buses in coordination with community members and partners, no further sites or construction timelines have been confirmed. When capacity limits return to normal, the Infinity Bus will hold 22,968 to 25,344 passengers, which is approximately one Kraken’s worth.

YouTube link: “Metro launches Infinity Bus”

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