This year, our annual tradition—celebrating and recognizing the work done by our amazing transit operators—had guests from around the country and the world.

KEXP joined our Transit Operator Appreciation Day festivities, inviting listeners and transit operators to send in their special song requests as well as their memories of the drivers who help them get where they need to go by bus, light rail, Water Taxi, streetcar, and Access van.

Songs ranging from the British Invasion (Ferry Cross the Mersey) to the “Philadelphia Sound” (Love Train) to Heavy Metal (Crazy Train) and our local music legends (Jimi Hendrix’s Crosstown Traffic, Sleater-Kinney’s Light Rail Coyote and  Macklemore’s The Train), were the soundtrack of the day. March 18 was a day where our operators were the focus—including a very special interview that Larry Mizell, Jr., host of The Afternoon Show, did with operator Reggie “Smiley” Wilson.

Riders from throughout Seattle sent tweets praising the operators that were part of their lives. There were local messages, but also words of support from former Metro riders living throughout the U.S., Europe, and South America.Transit Driver Appreciation Day

KEXP provided the music, and Metro provided a special “thank you” to our operators. Every Metro worksite received a meal of tacos from the famed Jack’s BBQ and sweets from Seattle Chocolates.

It was a day we won’t forget, and our partnership with KEXP isn’t ending with Transit Operator Appreciation Day. We’re proud to announce that one of the voices of KEXP, DJ John Richards, is one of the new “voices” of Metro!

John will be reminding all of our riders that as we continue to battle COVID 19, please wear your mask up while riding Metro.

You’ll be hearing John’s message on our coaches as well as on the West Seattle Water Taxi:

“Hi riders, this is John Richards from KEXP,
I’m a lifelong Washingtonian and I care about our communities.
Please wear a mask on Metro because it’s required, and it’s kind.
Be cool, be safe, and mask up on Metro at all times.
Thank you!”

Thank you to John Richards, Larry Mizell, Jr., and all of the staff at KEXP, for making Transit Operator Appreciation Day 2021 a day to remember. We look forward to working with you next year!