We’re here to help you dust off your bike, fill the tires and hit the road. Metro is offering a free Transit Go ticket ride on transit from May 17-23 if you use your bike or scooter to get to transit. It’s part of “Bike to Work Week” and motivation to help you take part in “Bike Everywhere Day” on Friday, May 21.

Details on how to use the promo code in the Transit Go Ticket app are online via PDF.

Also: Did you know King County has 20 bike locker locations close to transit where you can secure your bike? Take a short survey and be entered to win a $20 BikeLink card (that’s 400 hours of bike parking!) Take the survey online.

Learn more online about Cascade Bicycle Club’s Bike Everywhere Month and how Bikes + Buses = Awesome on our updated bike page, which has links for the first-time rider and the expert.