When customers who aren’t currently using transit ask if they can return to King County Metro, we enthusiastically answer, “Yes!”

Metro is open to everyone wherever they’re headed: appointments, classes, entertainment, shopping, work, and more. Right now, we are carrying more than 160,000 riders each weekday, an increase of 40,000 riders since the first quarter of this year.

We’ve added back transit service and are operating at more than 85% of pre-pandemic service levelsAnd stay tuned for further increases this summer and leading up to our Oct. 2 service change, when 200,000 more service hours will be restored and three new Link light rail stations will open.

We also recently waived the $5 card fee for young people who don’t already have an ORCA card.

Vanpool riders across the region can continue to take advantage of the temporarily-lowered passenger limit of only two people per vehicle. Your monthly fare not only includes the vehicle, but also gas, insurance, and maintenance.

And West Seattle residents choosing transit (including Vanpool) can still take the Spokane Street Low Bridge—or opt for the King County Water Taxi instead.

Metro is very proud of King County for vaccinating more than 70% of residents ages 12 and older! If you haven’t gotten your shot(s) yet, learn how to get your free vaccine.

That said, your safety remains our top priority:

  • Masks on transit remain required by federal law—even after the state reopens in July. If you forget your mask, we have free onboard mask dispensers. 
  • We’ve upgraded the air filters across our entire bus fleetand updated our practices to increase fresh air flow. 
  • We disinfect every vehicle and boat every day. Our increased commitment to cleanliness won’t change even after the pandemic. 
  • If you’ve been away from the bus, you’ll see new automated safety partitions. They protect you and the driver. 
  • We also promote contact-free payment, such as by ORCA card or our “Transit GO Ticket” mobile app.

No matter where you’re headed, transit is the convenient, equitable, and sustainable way to get there. 

See you onboard! 


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