The region is in the midst of a second summer heat wave, with some communities looking at triple digit heat for the next 48 hours, so we want you to be ready.

Stay out of the heat if you can
While all Metro coaches have air conditioning, they can struggle in keeping the bus cool during the hottest parts of the day.  If possible, we encourage you to skip unnecessary trips and to travel during cooler parts of the day.

Before you go
This extreme heat can impact roads and bridges and create potential delays. Using Metro Transit Alerts, you can find out about potential delays by email or text message. Even if you haven’t signed up for alerts, you can also find the latest alerts for each route on the RSS feeds webpage.

Real-time (while waiting for transit)
Our real-time updates can let you know when a bus trip is operating, when it is due to depart, or if it was canceled due to weather or an operator shortage:

Shade and water
If you do ride with us during the day, these conditions mean that buses may be behind schedule. Be sure to stay out of the direct sun as best as you can, wear a mask, pack a water bottle, expect delays, and stay safe!