King County Metro is proud to celebrate employee Matt Canady for his standout role in protecting the health and safety of all of Metro’s customers and employees.

Canady, Central Facilities Acting Superintendent in the Transit Facilities Division, was honored with King County Executive Dow Constantine’s Performance Excellence Award.Matt Canady, Performance Excellence Award recipient Canady was lauded for his effective, inclusive leadership style; personal integrity; and teamwork. The award recognizes King County leaders who embody the values  of the Executive Branch.

Metro’s Facilities Division works tirelessly to keep bus shelters, transit bases, and transit offices safe and sanitary. Most of the work done by Facilities starts after dark, with crews pressure-washing bus shelters and emptying trash cans throughout the region. They clean offices and disinfect workstations. They keep the trolley wires in good operating order, and maintain radio and electrical systems, as well as the Water Taxi dock at Pier 50.

Canady was recognized for leading a team that repeatedly rose to the challenge of keeping facilities clean, maintained, and safe during extraordinary circumstances of 2020.

Adé Franklin, Transit Facilities Division Director, said that at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, crews were concerned about their own safety as well as how they could safely clean and maintain Metro facilities. Canady was a leader in the “Tiger team” made up of custodial staff, supervisors, and transit safety staff.

The Tiger team helped evaluate products and methodologies for sanitizing surfaces. The team was also responsible for developing the plan for sanitizing the bases on a regular interval during the height of the pandemic.

Franklin shared why Canady is such an important part of Transit Facilities. “I appreciate that Matt is applying, practicing, and sharing the knowledge he gained during his military career and in receiving his master’s degree,” said Franklin. “I appreciate his investment in himself and the investment in those he works with, mentors, and coaches. I appreciate the care and concern he has for others.”

Congratulations, Matt, you are a leader who exemplifies King County’s goal of making a welcoming community where every person can thrive!