The cost of diapers can be a major problem for families. This problem has been made even greater recently by supply chain issues limiting diapers in many regions—and driving up their cost. That made the recent Diapers from Deputies drive such a great event for our community.

Sgt. Steven Lysaght and Detective Mike Ramirez from Metro Transit Police both participated in the drive, which saw a total of 2,942 diapers and 2,700 baby wipes dropped off at the Tukwila Pantry Food Bank for families in need earlier this month.

It’s a big deal: Studies show the expense of diapers can force families to choose between their children’s health and other needs. It means families may keep diapers on babies for too long or attempt to reuse disposable diapers, resulting in rashes or infections. Diapers cost nearly $100 per month per child, a big price tag for parents working low-wage jobs or who are unemployed. Parents can’t use food stamps or WIC benefits to purchase diapers, and many childcare programs require that parents provide their own diapers.

Other deputies and personnel around the county likewise participated in the diaper drive. What a gift to local babies and their families!