So many amazing employees and teams perform outstanding work at King County Metro every day. We’d like to present some of these exceptional employees who were recently named as our Metro 2021 award winners.

“I am proud of what we have accomplished this year despite the challenges we have all faced due to the pandemic,” said Metro General Manager Terry White. “I want to thank everyone for continuing to make King County Metro a nationally recognized leader in the transit industry and for making mobility safe, equitable and sustainable for our riders.”

Here are our winners:

Wall of Fame Team Award Winner

Metro’s 2021 Wall of Fame Team Award goes to our dedicated Transit Bus Operators. During the pandemic, our full-time and part-time operators have gone above and beyond to ensure transit remained available to all.

Our transit operators have monitored and modeled best COVID-response practices such as mask wearing, social distancing and other safety guidelines. They have kept our region moving and our community running during an extraordinarily challenging time. And, through it all, they have provided outstanding customer service.

Wall of Fame Team Award Honorable Mention

An honorable mention in this category goes to our Metro Employee Vaccination Team who helped plan, coordinate, and deliver vaccinations to Metro employees and their families. Throughout the year, the Metro Employee Vaccination Team worked tirelessly to help ensure the safety of our employees, riders, and King County communities. A heartfelt thanks to this team for making the vaccine accessible to so many in our Metro family.

Wall of Fame Individual Award Winner

Metro’s 2021 Wall of Fame Individual Award goes to Adrian Monjes, a web specialist on our Strategic Communications team. Adrian is known for his kindness, infectious positive attitude, and sincere commitment to serving the public. His expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to equity help make Metro’s information accessible and available to all.

Some of Adrian’s most notable work includes building the interactive “RapidRide Find Your Line” map; improving the Metro website’s screen-reader capabilities to help blind customers navigate our mobility network; and developing the online fares tool to help customers determine if they can save money as a someone who is lower-income, has disabilities, or is a senior or a youth.

General Manager’s Award

In recognition of his exemplary 27 years at Metro — most recently as a Special Service/Events Scheduler — we honor the late Glenn Bartolome with the 2021 General Manager’s Award.

Glenn passed away earlier this year but his values, commitment to equity, and passion for this work and public service continue to live on at Metro.

One of Glenn’s most exceptional qualities was his ability to build authentic partnerships with so many — his colleagues, other transit agencies, law enforcement, officials, and community members. He was a problem-solver and a people person.

Glenn worked daily to reduce impacts on regular service, provide alternatives, and to make this information known to benefit transit riders. He helped Metro successfully navigate high-profile projects such as the Alaskan Way Viaduct closure. He cared deeply for his colleagues. He was a gift to our agency and our community and he will be forever missed.