There’s lots to love about winter, like cocoa or snuggling up to watch movies. Less fun is weather so severe streets and bridges close, ferries can’t run, and the power goes out.  

In short, it’s good to be prepared and, when it comes to taking transit in challenging weather, we’ve got tools to help! We’ll keep Metro running safely, but sometimes routes get changed or modified as we respond to conditions. 


  • Don’t wait–sign up or update your subscriptions now to receive Transit Alerts via text and email for the bus routes you rely on.  
  • Visit for tons of information on how to travel during snow and other difficult weather. Whether you’re taking bus, Access paratransit, the Water Taxi, or on-demand services, we’ve got you covered. Look for our updated snow brochures on buses and other modes with helpful winter weather travel tips. 
  • Monitor news media during severe weather for announcements or information from counties, jurisdictions, and the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). 
  • Did you know you can get real-time updates at your bus stop on whether a bus trip is operating, when it’s due to depart or if it’s been canceled? 
  • Real-time: Text your bus stop number to 62550 and we’ll respond with the next bus trips headed your way. Each trip will either send an estimated arrival time, “s” for scheduled, or “canceled.” Save 62550 in your phone in advance to help yourself remember. 
  • If your usual bus route moves to a snow route, it may not serve stops on hills and generally will serve stops at main arterials, transit centers, and shopping centers. 
  • “Next departures” is available on both the Puget Sound Trip Planner webpage and the Puget Sound Trip Planner App. 
  • As always, follow @kcmetrobus on Twitter to see the latest travel tips and service information.  
  • If you need help trip planning, our customer service office is available 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays at 206-553-3000. 

Be prepared with weather-appropriate clothing and footwear when traveling during storms. Remember, visibility is vital when the weather’s bad and when it’s dark. You can use a flashlight or a phone to signal buses while waiting at a bus stop. Consider carrying water and snacks. And as always, use crosswalks. 

Let’s work together to get you where you need to go during severe winter weather!