On Nov. 23, the King County Council approved the 2021-22 mid-biennial budget. The $672 million supplemental budget funds transit service and battery-electric bus infrastructure, as well as Best Starts for Kids (BSK), climate projects, a new Community Diversion Program, gun violence reduction, Mental Illness and Drug Dependency (MIDD), and other investments.

On Oct. 13, we shared the Metro highlights of the Executive’s proposed budget. The budget that the County Council adopted includes a Metro operating budget of nearly $55 million and a Metro capital budget of nearly $114 million.

The final budget for Metro includes all items from the Executive’s proposed budget, as well as several additions from the County Council, such as direction and funding to:

  1. Continue providing food delivery services for peoplewith disabilities, people with lower incomes, and seniors – $1.8 million. Metro will work with relevant community partners and will use its existing Access paratransit and Community Access transportation programs so long as this work does not interfere with meeting passenger demand.
  2. Accelerate the future RapidRide K Line (Bellevue and Kirkland) and the RapidRide R Line (Rainier Valley) – $400,000. Metro will proceed with community engagement, design, hiring, planning, and project delivery.

More details—including the biennial budget book—are available on the “King County’s 2021-22 Biennial Budget” webpage.

Metro is committed to being a responsible steward of the financial resources entrusted to us by the communities we serve. We’re dedicated to improving our all-day, frequent, regional mobility network guided by our shared values of safety, equity, and sustainability.

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