We’re all about mobility at King County Metro, and that includes rail! Our rail employees are second to none, and consistently demonstrate unparalleled dedication to our agency, passengers, and community. Because of their work this year, countless North Seattle riders can now easily use light rail. Because of their work, the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel workforce transitioned from Transit Facilities Division (TFD) to Rail, a complex, historic achievement.

And because of their work, our riders now have even more fast, frequent travel options to move throughout the region.

These Rail employees were recently recognized for their ability to deliver exceptional service, driven by Metro’s core values of safety, equity, and sustainability in 2021.


Salah Abdi, Rail Supervisor

Colleagues describe Salah as positive and pleasant with unparalleled skills in his work with the Link Control Center, field and dispatch. He serves as a trainer for supervisors and is a welcoming face to all. Salah works overtime as needed and consistently offers suggestions that result in continuous improvements in Rail operations. In short, he’s an example for all here at Metro.

Patrick Fitzgerald, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems specialist

Patrick is reliable, dependable and respected by peers as a skilled technician who solves the thorniest of challenges. He’s responsible for fire and life safety systems in the tunnels and prioritizes safety for passengers and staff. He recently spearheaded a project to repair and upgrade tunnel intrusion detectors.

Harmanjot Hans, Rail Operator

Known for a contagious smile, Hans is well respected and an outstanding resource for any ops-related question. Hans was recently promoted to the Rail Supervisor in Training class and served as a calm, steady leader during the recent Apple Cup light rail incident.


Vinh Hoang, Rail Service Worker Team

Since day one, Vinh has jumped in whenever and wherever he’s needed. He’s supportive to others, helpful to new crew members, and brings positivity to work. He doesn’t shy from challenges, either!

James Sanderson, Lead Signals and Communications Technician

James serves with other indispensable workers who perform the majority of work in the Right of Way group. He’s known as a great leader in the signals group.

Vadim Sayenko, Rail Electrical Worker

All who work with Vadim have known him as a consistently dependable team member since 2017. Besides being a great colleague, he’s an approachable, safe employee who stands up for others.


With tasks that take them to every station and facility in the light rail system – including cleaning, changing lights and coping with water leaks. It’s estimated Facilities workers walk a collective 8,000 miles a month, equivalent to walking from Seattle to Key West and back.

Jose Marquez, Lead Facilities Maintenance Painter

Colleagues know Jose as both a great family man who helps kids in soccer and as a man who reads voraciously. He was recently promoted to lead and has been with Metro for five years. He has 20 years of experience in the industry.

Business and Administration

Eric Thomas, Lead Maintenance Service Worker

Eric was selected by his peers, who expressed high accolades, admiration, and respect for his work. He joined Rail in 2019. Teammates call him a great addition who brings energy and ambition to Metro, plus an eye for detail. He’s a terrific process improvement leader, colleagues say, willing to take on any challenge.

We know the year ahead will feature similar great work by Metro employees!