Today, we have a special Valentine treat: the story of how two of our riders, Jenn and Brett, met on a King County Metro bus and fell in love. We’ll have another story on Feb. 14!

Back in 2005, I used to commute from Ballard to downtown every day on the 15 Express. There were other regulars, including a cute guy. Well, unbeknownst to me, that cute guy had a huge crush on me even though we’d never talked. He wanted to ask me out but had never asked a girl out whom he didn’t already know, so he wasn’t sure how to approach me.

Because he was going to be changing work schedules and we wouldn’t be riding the same bus, he decided it was now or never – and if I shot him down, well, at least he wouldn’t have to see me every day. His plan was to get off at my bus stop and chat me up. The first attempt was a total fail because I’m a fast walker and by the time he was off the bus, it would have been too creepy to try to catch up with me. He adjusted for the second attempt and managed to catch me before I walked away.

He asked if I might be interested in going out some time, and because I’d never been asked out by a stranger and because he was clearly nervous, I was delighted. I said yes, and he gave me his business card with his phone number written on the back. I thought that was a clever move because it showed he actually had a job.

We immediately hit it off on our first date and moved in together just a couple of months later. We’ve been married almost 16 years and have a sweet 7-year-old son. Long story short: thanks, Metro! 

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