Today, we have a special Valentine treat: the story of how two of our riders, Jen and Scott, met on a King County Metro bus and fell in love. 

It began when I and my now-husband Scott and I worked at the same internet marketing company, then based out of the old Ice House building in SoDo. We worked in different departments and initially met on Route 56 running from downtown to Alki (a transfer for both of us). After our initial meeting, I had some health problems that resulted in an irregular schedule for a while, and we lost track of each other. But I was interested, so the next time we met on the bus I basically forced my phone number on him because I was about to be transferred to a new office in Lynnwood and I knew if we didn’t connect then, well, we never would.

That was October of 2008. At the time, neither of us had cars (I still don’t drive), so we took the buses and walked everywhere. We dated, moved in together, got married, moved from First Hill to Ballard, all while still commuting by bus. Then, in the summer of 2019, we our son Lucas, and just a few months later, he took his first bus ride in his front pack. Later, he would ride with us on the bus, with us taking his stroller.

My husband Scott now works from home, and I freelance part-time from home while taking care of our kiddo the rest of the time. He loves to wave at buses as they pass while we’re walking, so I know he’s going to be super excited when we need to ride on the bus again. I’ve been on a few bus trips by myself when my son is with Scott, and it feels like being back to my old self!

Our transit system is such an important part of what makes Seattle a vital and livable city, and I’m thrilled that our happy marriage started on the bus!

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