King County Metro unreservedly supports the people of Ukraine as they endure a brutal military invasion ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin. We echo Executive Dow Constantine in standing with Ukraine and with our county’s large Ukrainian community against Putin’s vicious attacks.

At Metro, we are moved by Ukraine’s bravery and resolve against evil and lies, and bullets and missiles. Our hearts break at the growing number of lives lost, injuries sustained, families separated, elderly trapped, and children suffering.

Whether locally or globally, each of us always has a choice. We can think of our community as limited only to our family, our close friends, or those who live nearby. We can feel deserving of our own successes and thank our good fortune that others’ struggles aren’t our own.

Conversely, we instead can think of community in the broadest terms and boldly stand united to support our shared values. If we do that, we will succeed to a degree that we never thought possible and achieve more together than we ever could have alone.

Michelle Allison is Deputy General Manager of King County Metro.