March 14-18 is Transit Appreciation Week, recognizing and celebrating everyone who contributes to the operation of one of the best transit systems in America: Metro! The week culminates with the celebration of Transit Operator Appreciation Day on Friday, March 18.

Transit Operators—our bus drivers—are the most visible faces you see every day, but our regional mobility system has more than 5,100 people working to get you where you need to go comfortably and safely 24/7, every day of the year. Whether you ride daily, or use one of our mobility options for a trip to the store, a medical appointment, or a night on the town, all Metro employees work together to get you where you need to go.

Transit Appreciation Week is an opportunity to acknowledge the transit employees who keep our buses, Water Taxi, light rail, streetcar, vanpool, on-demand, and Access paratransit fleets moving. We want to introduce, recognize, and thank all the Metro staff that you might not see, but who are vital to the smooth operation of your trip.

Transit Appreciation week is also your opportunity to say “thank you” to anyone and everyone at Metro. You can send in a compliment or commendation at 

Just click on “other topics” to thank the worker in facilities that helps keep your bus shelter clean or the customer service representative who helped you plan your weekend outing.

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A big thank you to all Metro staff, including:

The Vehicle Maintenance staff who maintain our vehicles, trains, and vessels. This is the team responsible for daily cleaning, disinfecting, maintenance, and repair. Vehicle Maintenance is also responsible for maintaining the plexiglass safety partitions and mask dispensers that are on every bus in our fleet. And when we get snow, the Vehicle Maintenance team is out chaining up buses!

The employees in Facilities who tirelessly work to keep bus shelters, transit bases, and transit offices safe and sanitary. Facilities staff begin their work when most of us are done with our work; crews are pressure washing bus shelters and emptying trash cans throughout the region, cleaning offices and disinfecting workstations. They keep the trolley wires in good operating order and maintain radio and electrical systems, as well as the Water Taxi dock at Pier 50.

Our Bus Operations staff who are responsible for the daily management of all our coaches across Metro’s seven bus bases and roughly 160 routes throughout King County.

The employees in the Transit Control Center for providing 24/7 support, monitoring, and answering of operator calls, and managing Metro’s response to events throughout the system in real time.

The Service Development team members responsible for analyzing, implementing, and helping prepare Metro for changes in our service, such as this month’s service change.

Our System Impacts members who prepare for events that can affect Metro’s regularly planned service, everything from weather to construction to civic celebration events.

Our Marine staff who keep Metro’s water-based services afloat! The team is responsible for the operation of Metro’s Water Taxi Fleet, including the moorage and maintenance of the ships providing passenger-only ferry services from Pier 50 in downtown Seattle to Vashon and West Seattle.  They also help people in distress on the water!!

The Rail team who operates Link light rail, along with the South Lake Union and First Hill Streetcar lines. From Angle Lake to Northgate, and from downtown Seattle to Capitol Hill to the shores of Lake Union, the rail staff are responsible for the maintenance and management of miles of rail along with the facilities and grounds.

The staff of Mobility and Contracted Services who provide services that reduce the number of cars on the road and provide mobility options for geographic areas where our buses can’t reach. They work on the Vanpool system that brings neighbors together for rides to work, our on-demand programs such as Via to Transit and Ride Pingo to Transit, the DART (Dial-A-Ride Transit) program, and Access, which provide needed transportation options for seniors and those with mobility challenges.

Our Customer Communications and Services staff who are Metro’s “voice,” providing customers with information in a number of areas, including trip planning and options for paying their fares.

Metro Transit Police who keep our passengers and operators safe. Their duties cover a number of areas off the buses, too, from investigating crimes that occur at transit facilities to quickly responding to real-time threats, such as human trafficking. They also assist as part of the local and regional network to identify and prevent potential terrorist activity.

Metro’s Security team members who maintain a safe workplace throughout our mobility system, including buses, trains, streetcars, and Water Taxis, along with all of our transit bases and facilities.

Metro’s employees make our nationally recognized regional mobility system great, and our goal never changes: When you get on bus, train, water taxi, streetcar, or light rail, all of us at Metro want you to have a safe and enjoyable trip!

Thank you for riding with us, and for being part of a mobility system we are proud to provide every day!