During RapidRide H Line construction, Metro is reminding the public that businesses along the transit corridor remain open.

About the RapidRide H Line
Starting in 2022, RapidRide H Line, connecting Burien and White Center to Downtown Seattle/South Lake Union through the Delridge neighborhood, will improve travel times, reliability, and connections to other buses and Sound Transit’s Link light rail.

Enhanced stations

RapidRide bus stations provide riders with more amenities, and a frequent and reliable way to travel. Upgrades will include:

  • Stations located approximately one-third of a mile apart to speed up travel times
  • New shelters, ORCA card readers, lighting, real-time travel information, additional seating, and all-door boarding
  • Stations easily accessed from local businesses and community gathering spaces

Increased accessibility and safety

RapidRide upgrades will make it easier and safer to walk and roll onto the bus. Improvements include:

  • New pedestrian crossing signals and crosswalks
  • New sidewalks, sidewalk repairs, and ADA-compliant ramps

Improved speed and reliability

Riders can expect a decrease in travel time with RapidRide upgrades. Additional service improvements include:

  • More frequent buses—every 15 minutes all day, every day and at least every 10 minutes during peak travel times
  • More service at night and on weekends
  • Business access and transit (BAT) lanes designated for buses as well as vehicles entering and exiting businesses
  • Priority bus signals
  • Station-specific improvements

 Do you have questions about construction? Contact us!

Thank you for your patience as we improve transit in your area. Keeping you informed and minimizing impacts are our top priorities. Throughout construction we will:

  • Be available for questions
  • Provide advance notice about construction through email updates, flyers, and other promotions
  • Maintain access to businesses and residences

Metro’s Community Outreach Team

(Editor’s Note: This blogpost was originally published Feb. 17, 2022.)