They are as unique as the people who ride with them every day:

A baker. The operator of a soul food catering company.  Someone who started driving to supplement her income and chose to stay with Metro. Another who enjoys collecting M&M candy dispensers and calligraphy. A driver who is being recognized by his peers for a fifth time. And those who love driving and giving back to their community.

They are transit operators with more than 150 years of experience at Metro!

Meet your Operators of the Month for May and June 2022.

Every month, operators from King County Metro’s seven transit bases select their fellow drivers for their positive contributions to Metro and recognize them as Operators of the Month. The operators selected demonstrate safe driving skills, show courteous and helpful attitudes toward customers, and pay conscientious attention to attendance, appearance and discipline.

Please join us in congratulating them. Our Operators of the Month have the privilege of coming together later to vote on who among them will be Metro’s Operator of the Year!

We love to hear from our riders about their operators! Please leave your comments about our “rolling ambassadors.”

(Information and photos provided by the operators)

Atlantic Base | May 2022: Anthony Dixon
Anthony started as a part-time operator in 1999, going full-time in 2001. A Safe Driver Award recipient, he has received 10 commendations. This is the fifth time Anthony has been recognized as an Operator of the Month!!Anthony Dixon, May 2022 Operator of the Month, Atlantic Base

Anthony became an operator because he loves driving buses, large trucks, and interacting with people.

Born and raised in the Coconut Grove area of Miami, Fla. Anthony has one son, seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

In his spare time, Anthony enjoys photography and collecting Swarovski crystals.

Anthony’s advice to other operators: “Just drive and be safe.”

Passenger praise: “Very aware bus driver. Looks at all his surroundings and makes sure to pick up everyone on his way. It really shows that he cares for you. Really awesome.”

Atlantic Base | June 2022: Zeola Beasley
Zeola has been a part-time operator since starting with Metro in 2000 and is a Safe Driver Award recipient.

Zeola Beasley, June 2022 Operator of the Month, Atlantic BaseZeola is a Seattle native who was excited to become a King County Metro operator because she always wanted to drive a huge vehicle. She’s a people person who likes to greet people with a warm smile and a hello.

Zeola is married and owns B&Z Food for the Soul Catering with her husband. She has six children and eight grandchildren. In her spare time, Zeola likes cooking, making healing herbal teas, dancing, gardening, creating decor and design for venues and skating.

Zeola’s advice to other operators: “Be mindful and safety first. Be kind to everyone because we are all dealing with something. Create the energy you want.”

Passenger praise: “Thank you for being the one who always picks me up after a long day of work and greets me with a smile. You always brighten my day and I’m thankful for your presence as my bus driver.”

Bellevue Base | May 2022: Richard Carmichael
Hired in 1996, Richard has earned multiple Safe Driver Awards and many commendations over the years.Richard Carmichael, May 2022 Operator of the Month, Bellevue Base

Richard is like many part-time operators who have a career outside of Metro. Even as he was driving, Richard worked as the Traffic Manager for an eastside shopping mall.

He expresses gratitude and earnest love of his work at Metro providing public transit.

Married with two children, when Richard isn’t driving, he enjoys golf, hiking, biking and running.

Richard’s advice to other operators: “Stay calm and smile.”

Passenger praise: “He took excellent care of the bus and all passengers during the snowfall. I commend his driving and communication skills.”

Bellevue Base | June 2022:  Pamela Joel
Pam joined King County Metro in 1997 and has earned multiple Safe Driver Awards and commendations.

Growing up, Pam helped run her family business. She decided to stay with Metro after becoming an operator to supplement her income.

Born in Des Moines, Iowa, Pam is a graduate of Everett High School. Pam has two 17-year-old children and is looking forward to freedom on the horizon! She collects M&M candy dispensers and enjoys calligraphy.

Pamela’s advice to other operators: “No matter what, try to keep your smile and keep looking out for each other.”

Passenger praise: “I am not familiar with public transportation. She stopped the bus, got out of her seat to assist in getting my mom’s wheelchair safely secured and walked me through the process of where and how to depart the bus. This woman deserves a gold medal. Thank you Pam and thank you Metro for having drivers like Pam!”

Central Base | May 2022: Chanthy Nop
Chanthy was hired as a part-time operator in 2017 and went full-time a year later. She has been recognized with Safe Driver Awards and has received eight commendations.

Born in Thailand, Chanthy came to the U.S. at the age of four and has been living inChanthy Nop, May 2022 Operator of the Month, Central Base Seattle ever since.

Chanthy attended Caplan College, becoming a Medical Assistant before her brother told her about Metro. She loves to drive, and says Metro is a perfect fit.

In her spare time Chanthy loves to watch movies and simply “chill” at home.

Chanthy’s advice to other operators: “Arrive early to the base so you don’t have to rush throughout the day.”

Passenger praise: “She was a breath of fresh air today with her beaming smile and positive attitude as she greeted each passenger entering the bus. She was so pleasant and polite. She left me without words. She was an amazing driver.”

Central Base | June 2022: Romel Williams
Romel joined King County Metro as part-time operator in April 2018 and went full-time in 2019. He has earned a Safe Driver Award and received four customer commendations.

Romel Williams, June 2022 Operator of the Month, Central BaseBorn in Seattle, Romel became a transit operator to help people get to their destinations safely.

During his free time Romel enjoys playing golf and spending time with friends and family.


Romel’s advice to other operators: “Teamwork makes the job easier. If you see a driver in need, help.”

Passenger praise: “Friendly driver who always greets his passengers on the way in and the way out. Moves swiftly from stop to stop and seems invested in getting his riders to their destinations as quickly and safely as possible.”

East Base | May 2022: Hiwot Solomon
Hiwot was hired as a part-time operator in 2015 and went full-time in 2016. A Safe Driver Award recipient, Hiwot has earned four commendations.Hiwot Solomon, May 2022 Operator of the Month, East Base

Born and raised in Ethiopia, Hiwot received a degree in automotive technology from Nazareth Technical College, before moving to the U.S. in 2004.

Hiwot is married to his wife Elizabeth, and they have two children. In his spare time Hiwot enjoys playing table tennis, reading and cooking.

Hiwot’s advice to other operators: “Show respect for everyone. Be kind and be patient.”

Passenger Praise: “He is a very safe and extremely cautious driver.

East Base | June 2022: Roger St Louis
Roger joined King County Metro as a part-time operator in April 2017. He is a Safe Driver Roger St Louis, June 2022 Operator of the Month, East BaseAward recipient and has earned 25 commendations.

Roger became an operator because he loved the opportunity to be a positive light in the community on such a large scale.

In his spare time Roger enjoys church, working out, travel and cruises around the world.

Roger’s advice to other operators: “Be safe first. Once you are safe you can give outstanding service and smoothly continue on schedule.”

Passenger praise: “Thank you for going out of your way to be kind.”

North Base | May 2022: Abdelmajid Zidany
Abdelmajid started as a part-time operator in 2016 and went full-time in 2017. He is a Safe Driver Award recipient and has earned five commendations.Abdelmajid Zidany, May 2022 Operator of the Month, North Base

Born and raised in Morocco, Abdelmajid moved to the U.S.  at the age of 21. Before coming to Metro, he worked as a professional baker and taxi driver.

Abdelmajid is married with three children, and enjoys gardening, traveling, outdoor activities, and camping with his family.

Abdelmajid’s advice to other operators: “Every day you wake up is a good day!”

Passenger praise: “Our driver was a big help to us navigating around the construction at Northgate. Big thank you!”

North Base | June 2022: Werede Sahilu
Werede joined Metro as a part-time operator in 2016 and went full-time a year later. He Werede Sahilu, June 2022 Operator of the Month, North Basehas received a commendation and is a recipient of multiple Safe Driver Awards.

Werede was born in Ethiopia and became an operator because he thinks that King County Metro is a great place to work.

Werede is married and has three children.

Passenger praise: “The driver was very kind when I boarded and waited until I was seated, likely because he saw my balance was not good.”


Ryerson Base | May 2022: Girmay Endeshaw
Girmay was hired as a part-time driver in 2017 and went full-time in 2018. He has been recognized with Safe Driving Awards and four commendations.Girmay Endeshaw, May 2022 Operator of the Month, Ryerson Base

Born in Ethiopia, before joining Metro, Girmay attended South Seattle Community College and earned an automotive degree and worked as a mechanic technician. Girmay started as a transit operator because he loves to serve people and help his community.

Married and the father of three boys, Girmay loves watching football in his spare time. Go Seahawks!

Girmay’s advice to other operators: “Love each other!”

Passenger praise: “Girmay was a wonderful, courteous and helpful driver. He made me excited to take public transit!”

Ryerson Base | June 2022: Donald Lindo
Donald started with Metro as a part-time operator in 2001 and has been full-time since 2003. He has received multiple Safe Driver Awards.

Donald Lindo, June 2022 Operator of the Month, Ryerson BaseBorn in St. Ann, Jamaica, Donald served in the Navy and attended Cornell University. He became a transit operator because Metro was hiring, and it look like a great place to work.

Married with four daughters and a son, Donald enjoys reading the bible, playing the trumpet, and traveling in his spare time.

Donald’s advice to other operators: “Do not take things personally on the job. Decide to do a good job with a positive attitude every day and you may be a blessing to someone when you least expect it.”

Passenger praise: “Driver saw me running for the bus, waited, and re-opened the door so I could jump on.”

South Base | May 2022: Zachary Tjader
Zachary was hired as a part-time operator in November 2015 and went full-time in 2018. He has been recognized with Safe Driver Awards and seven commendations.Zachary Tjader, May 2022 Operator of the Month, South Base

Zach was born in Lodi, Calif., but later moved to Washington and is a graduate of Kent Meridian High School. Prior to coming to Metro, he worked multiple jobs including as a personal trainer.

Zach is married to his wife Jade and has one daughter, Emma. He is grateful to be able to provide for his family because of his career with King County Metro.

In his spare time, Zach enjoys MMA, hiking, weightlifting, guitar, and time at the range.

Zachary’s advice to other operators: “You can only control yourself, everything else is out of your control. Don’t get emotional over those things.”

Passenger praise: “I appreciate this driver! He is friendly and personable. He is a skilled and safe driver and I just wanted to say thank you.”

South Base | June 2022:  Osman Saclolo
Osman has earned several Safe Driver Awards and has received three customer commendations.

Osman Saclolo, June 2022 Operator of the Month, South BaseOsman was born in the Philippines and moved to the U.S. when he was 12. A graduate of Mount Rainer High School, Osman has an associate’s degree from Highline Community College. He worked for Horizon Air for 12 years, working his way from baggage handler to parts inventory agent.

Always wanting to work for King County, and with transportation experience, Osman decided that Metro was the perfect fit.

In his spare time, Osman enjoys photography, golfing and motorcycles.

Osman’s advice to other operators: “Take care of yourself mentally & physically and react to what is actually going on now and what you think will happen.”

Passenger praise: “You are needed and appreciated. We go because you do. Thank you!”