Ben Malmstadt’s devotion to ensuring clean, safe spaces for our riders and our communities has earned him top honors as Metro’s Facilities Employee of the Year for 2022.

Malmstadt was honored today at a ceremony at Metro’s Atlantic base attended by his family and teammates as well as King County Executive Dow Constantine and Metro Deputy General Manager Michelle Allison.

Gesturing to the assembled crowd, Executive Constantine told Malmstadt that their presence was “a reflection of the critical work you do for the people of King County…the work you do every day helps people get to work, to school and to appointments.”

Ben Malmstadt poses with his wife and two children
Malmstadt and his family at Atlantic base after the ceremony Oct. 5, 2022.

Malmstadt came to King County as a Utility Laborer in February 2017. He’s as versatile as they come, including stepping up during snowstorms, coordinating teams and dispatching work, and filling in as chief as needed. He’s also known as a kind, compassionate man who cares deeply for his fellow employees.

“Ben is truly a jolly good person, very upbeat and willing to help anyone,” said Transit Facilities Chief Andrew Durant. “He has aspirations to advance professionally within Transit Facilities and I would say he is well on his way because he dedicates such positive energy toward others.”

Malmstadt has worked both day and night shifts, at sites throughout King County. As a result of his excellent work, he was promoted to Lead Utility Laborer in September 2021. Since then, he’s led cleaning projects in bus shelters, transit centers and park-and-ride facilities. His goal has always been to provide great, clean spaces for our riders and the community.

In one example of teamwork, Malmstadt pulled together a team of utility laborers, equipment operators and grounds crew to address a clean-up project at the Aurora Transit Center in Shoreline. This location is a major hub for RapidRide and a place where Metro partners with Community Transit as a crucial connection point for riders traveling to and from Snohomish County.

Malmstadt also has represented our facilities team on reimagining public projects, ensuring equity is included in our everyday work. As part of that work, he’s presented to members of the King County Executive’s Office. His leadership on the projects clearly demonstrated how he aligns his values with King County’s True North mission of creating a welcoming community where everyone can thrive.

Malmstadt was instrumental in setting up two major employee resource projects.  The first project was a Learning and Development center, built to provide mentorship, develop future leaders and improve the overall staff learning experience. Because of the project, more computers were brought into communal areas, allowing employees to learn computer skills, take online trainings and check their employee email. The second project was a wellness center, which includes a workout space to encourage healthy behaviors.

Watch a video of Malmstadt in action as he explains how we care for our facilities.

Thank you, Ben, for choosing Metro for your career!

Operating our nationally recognized transit system relies on thousands of people like Malmstadt. Every time you board a bus, ride light rail, or sail on the Water Taxi, there is staff who ensure the coach, train or vessel you ride gets you where you need to go comfortably and safely. Interested in a Metro career? Visit