A growing number of small businesses across King County are adding transit to their employees’ benefit packages. In the last six months alone, more than 50 small businesses have joined the hundreds of companies that are already part of the ORCA Business Passport Program, providing their employees with convenient transportation across the region.

The ORCA Passport Program gives employees access to:

  • King County Metro, including Vanpool and Vanshare programs and on-demand services such as Ride Pingo and Via to Transit.
  • The King County Water Taxi.
  • The Seattle Streetcar.
  • All our regional transit partners: Community Transit, Everett Transit, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit and Sound Transit.

The ORCA Business Incentive covers 50% of the cost for the first year for companies with less than 100 employees. Companies ranging from restaurants and medical offices to consulting companies and media outlets are taking advantage of it.

“very very spaceship” is a company that designs immersive interactive gaming experiences.  This “motley crew of space-faring game designers, engineers, and artists” have taken advantage of their ORCA cards to leave their vehicles at home and commute to their office in Fremont. Community Talent Manager Sara Carmen said in the first week of having an ORCA card, “I used it on the bus, the streetcar and the light rail just to see if it worked – and it did!”

Employers enjoy an easy-to-manage annual transportation program. Federal law provides tax benefits for both employers and their employees:

  • Workers can take advantage of tax-free and pre-tax (up to $280 per month) transportation benefits.
  • Companies receive savings by not having to pay FICA tax on the salary dollars used by employees for transit benefits.

Sign up for the ORCA Business Passport Program to provide a great benefit to your employees and reduce congestion on our roadways, while at the same time tackling air pollution and climate change!

Qualifying businesses that complete their contract by Dec. 16 can still receive the incentive even if their program doesn’t start until January 2023.

To learn more about the ORCA Business Passport Program and the ORCA Business Incentive, go to ORCA Business Programs or email employer.services@kingcounty.gov