A cartoon version of a King County Metro bus is anthromorphized into a U.S. Men's National Team soccer player with a rainbow soccer ballAt King County Metro, we strongly support the U.S. Men’s National Team’s “Be the Change” initiative and are excited for the unique opportunity to reach Washington’s diverse communities during the World Cup. To recruit for the country’s leading transit agency, Metro is running television advertising, radio readers and website placements from the group stage to the final.

As Metro expands its transit service, introduces battery-electric technologies and operates Sound Transit’s growing Link light rail, there are opportunities across a number of fields to advance your career while serving your community. The agency provides a great salary, fantastic benefits and a pension.

The “Join the Metro team” campaign is running concurrently with Metro’s trades recruitment effort, “It’s time to love your job,” which launched this summer. Both campaigns exclusively feature real people who work for Metro.

In a challenging workforce environment, hardworking, skilled employees are in high demand. Metro offers free training, managerial opportunities, and a promising, long-term career.

Visit kingcounty.gov/MetroCareers to join the winning Metro team.


“It’s time to love your job” trades recruitment campaign examples
Launched summer 2022

"It's time to love your job" trades recruitment advertising example featuring female King County Metro employee

"It's time to love your job" trades recruitment advertising example featuring male King County Metro employee