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Snow is falling across King County, but Metro buses are currently able to operate on their regular routes. Metro staff are monitoring weather forecasts and roadway conditions and will share updates with riders if there is a need to switch to snow routes.

As a precaution, crews chained some north and Eastside bus routes this afternoon before going into service in anticipation of worsening roadway conditions this evening and overnight. Nearly all buses are operating without chains on bare and wet pavement at this time.

Before traveling, riders are encouraged to visit for tips and to review the snow route for their route. If Metro switches buses to their snow route due to roadway conditions, those routes will be listed on Metro’s service advisories page. Updates also will be sent via email and text to Transit Alert subscribers.

Metro’s Customer Information Office will be providing extended assistance with trip planning inquiries until 8 p.m. tonight. Please call 206-553-3000.

Before traveling

  • Sign up or update your subscriptions to receive Transit Alerts and snow route updates via text and email for the bus routes you rely on.
  • Visit for tips on traveling during winter weather. If snow routes are activated, updates will be posted for affected routes. Whether you’re taking bus, Access paratransit or on-demand services, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to look for our updated snow brochures.
  • On Twitter, be sure to add @kcmetroalerts for route alerts, delays and cancellations and @KingCountyMetro for general information.
  • If you need help trip planning, our customer service office is available 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays at 206-553-3000.

Real-time updates

  • Rain, snow or sun, you can get real-time updates at your bus stop on whether your trip is operating, when it’s due to depart or if it’s been canceled. Text your bus stop number to 62550 for an automated list of the next bus trips headed your way. Each trip will either show an estimated arrival time, “s” for scheduled, or “canceled.” Save 62550 in your phone in advance to have it handy..
  • Next departures information is also available on Metro’s Trip Planner.
  • Online information is available in 11 languages including English, and real-time information (alerts, text for departure, water taxi, etc.) is available in English.
  • Metro’s online Trip Planner and third-party apps, such as One Bus Away or Google Maps, provide results that are based on scheduled data for regular service. They do not reflect planned or unplanned snow reroutes or the Emergency Snow Network.

Other Metro Services

  • Don’t be caught in the cold. Winter weather also could delay or cancel service if you ride the Water Taxi, use services such as Via to Transit, Community Ride and Ride Pingo, or you use Access. Check their webpages for updates and if there are travel options available before you go.

Ride safely and comfortably

  • Remember, the sun is going down earlier, making visibility a challenge. Use a flashlight or a phone to show the driver you’re there.
  • Conditions could delay service, so be prepared! Bundle up with weather-appropriate clothing and footwear as you wait. translated links