Once again, Metro Transit police and others in King County law enforcement stepped up during the holidays in a diaper drive to aid local families in need. The donations they collected filled several vehicles.

“I could not be prouder that despite busy work shifts and challenging weather, our folks pulled together to aid families in need,” said Detective Cassandra Bertaina, who helped helm the drive.

Diapers are big deal: Studies show their expense can force families to choose between their children’s health and other needs. It means families may keep diapers on babies for too long or attempt to reuse disposable diapers, resulting in rashes or infections. Diapers cost nearly $100 per month per child, a big price tag for parents working low-wage jobs or who are unemployed. Parents can’t use food stamps or WIC benefits to purchase diapers, and many childcare programs require that parents provide their own diapers.

The drive partnered with the Salvation Army to reach families in need. Other deputies and personnel around the county likewise participated in the diaper drive.

“This is another example of the great service that Metro Transit Police and the King County Sheriff’s Office provide to the community they serve,” said Jose Marenco, Metro Transit Police Chief. “I am very proud and humbled to be part of this organization and the exceptional service it provides.”

Detectives Bryan Rose and Michael Ramirez likewise devoted considerable time and energy to the diaper drive, said Chief Marenco: “Detectives Rose and Ramirez are the epitome of service. Through donations from King County Sheriff’s Office, they were able to make things a little better for those in need.”