Upcoming striping for Business Access and Transit lanes

Seattle DOT striping for bus lane example.

Construction teams will begin striping new Business Access and Transit (BAT) lanes in White Center and Burien as soon as later this month, weather permitting. BAT lanes are curbside lanes used only by right-turning vehicles and buses. They help buses move more efficiently through traffic and provide better access to businesses. BAT lanes will be installed along 16th Ave SW between SW 107th St and SW 116th St, and on Ambaum Blvd SW between SW 128th St. and SW 148th St. Some lane closures and detours will be in place during this work.

A graphic of a laptop computer on a blue circle with a screen showing 12 diverse cartoon faces as to represent a virtual Zoom style audience Virtual Construction Office Hours

Join us for our virtual construction office hours

  • January 26th, 2023, from 5 to 6 p.m. on Zoom
  • Join us online (meeting ID: 228 271 1759) or by phone (1-253-215-8782)
  • To request interpretation services for these virtual events, please contact us before the meeting via phone at 206-257-3079, or email us at rapidride@kingcounty.gov

Rendering of a future rapidride H Line station at 15th Ave SW and SW Roxbury Street; Businesses are open during Construction. Headline: H within a red circle with communities listed Seattle-Delridge-White Center-Burien

Businesses are open during construction

With construction ongoing throughout the project area, Metro is reminding the public that businesses throughout the project area remain open. Visit our Metro Matters blog to learn more about Metro’s ongoing work in the Seattle, White Center and Burien communities.

Route 120 and future RapidRide H Line corridor map highlighting construction zones in the White Center and Burien areas

What to expect during construction

Construction on the RapidRide H Line project began in June 2021 and is expected to last through March 2023. Typical work hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with some nighttime and weekend work.

During construction, you can expect:

  • Noise, vibrations, and dust in the project area
  • Temporary parking restrictions
  • Periodic lane and driveway closures
  • Large machinery and truck activity
  • Construction staging and parking impacts near the construction site
  • Some sidewalk, intersection, and lane closures
  • Detours for people walking, biking, and rolling
  • Temporary bus detours and bus stop relocations for Route 120 and other area transit and bus routes
  • Flaggers to direct traffic around work areas


Crews installing bus station signage on Delridge Way SW and 24th Avenue SW.

Crews installing bus station signage on Delridge Way Southwest and 24th Avenue Southwest.

20th Avenue SW and SW Roxbury Street

  • Grading, forming and pouring sidewalk, curb, and ADA-compliant ramps

15th Avenue SW and SW Roxbury Street

  • Drilling and placing concrete pipes
  • Forming and pouring road panels
  • Grading, forming, and pouring sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and ADA-compliant ramps

White Center

There is no construction work currently happening in White Center.


Crews installing bus shelter and tech pylon on Ambaum Boulevard SW And SW 122nd Street

Crews installing bus shelter and tech pylon on Ambaum Boulevard Southwest and Southwest 122nd Street.

16th Avenue SW and SW 116th Street

  • Paving driveways

Ambaum Boulevard SW from SW 116th Street to and SW 122nd Street

  • Grading curb, gutter, and sidewalk
  • Installing rebar along curbs
  • Forming curbs and gutters

Ambaum Boulevard SW and SW 122nd Street

  • Grading for landscaping work
  • Traffic signal wiring and installation

Ambaum Boulevard and SW 128th Street

  • Forming and pouring sidewalks and driveways

Ambaum Boulevard SW and SW 136th Street

  • Installing handrails
  • Installing decorative lights

Ambaum Boulevard SW and SW 150th Street

  • Forming and pouring curbs, gutters, and sidewalks
  • Installing streetlights

Answers to your commonly asked questions

What is RapidRide H Line?

RapidRide H Line, previously known as Route 120, is one of our 10 busiest routes. It will provide connections from neighborhoods in Burien, White Center, and West Seattle to downtown Seattle along Third Avenue. RapidRide H Line will also provide needed connections to other bus routes and Link light rail.

How is RapidRide H Line different from Route 120?

RapidRide H Line buses will operate more reliably, and riders will have access to more peak commute trips operating in the reverse direction and more trips operating at night on weekends. Bus stops will be upgraded with new shelters, lighting, and real-time arrival information to improve your experience. Sidewalks, street crossings, and signals will be improved around stations for pedestrians, bikes, and those with limited mobility. Additionally, new business access and transit (BAT) lanes will be added to improve travel times for transit and provide better access to businesses for drivers.

What are the construction hours and how long will construction last?

Typical work hours for the RapidRide H Line project are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with some nighttime and weekend work. Majority of construction is expected to last through March 2023 with some construction to last beyond March 2023.

Will access to businesses be maintained throughout construction?

Access to businesses will be maintained throughout construction. We are reaching out to neighbors, businesses, and local community organizations in advance of construction near them to share when and where work will happen, as well as what impacts to expect.

Why was construction previously delayed?
Construction on RapidRide H Line was previously delayed due to a region-wide concrete driver worker strike.

Why does construction start at new locations without others being completed?
The limited and unpredictable availability of concrete resulted in crews balancing the work they can do with what materials are available to continue that work. In order to maintain the overall project schedule, we have begun several new locations where crews have the resources and materials to complete the work, while also pausing some work at other locations, as necessary. Crews are continuing to make swift progress on work throughout the project area and we look forward to being able to wrap up work at some sites throughout the project area later this summer.

Where is construction happening now?

Where crews are doing construction varies week by week. For more details about the locations where work is ongoing, see the “What’s Happening Now” section on our project website or visit our blog for more information. You can also sign up for project updates here.

What work will be done over the winter months?
Crews will focus on shelter installations, excavation, concrete pours, and landscaping over the winter months. See the construction map for more details. Low temperatures and consistent rain will require that paving work will shift into next year when warmer temperatures return. In locations where work is paused, we will be securing equipment, consolidating traffic control, and covering open holes to ensure safe traveling conditions.

Question about construction? Contact us!

Thank you for your patience as we improve transit in your area. Keeping you informed and minimizing impacts are our top priorities. Throughout construction we will:

  • Be available for questions
  • Provide advance notice about construction through email updates, flyers, and other promotions
  • Maintain access to businesses and residences

RapidRide H Line Outreach Team

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