Be on the lookout for Ferengis and Weeping Angels, Grogus and Gokus, Marios and Luigis as well as Dark Knights, Kryptonians and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-People on the streets of downtown Seattle!

Starting Thursday, March 2, Emerald City Comic Con, the region’s annual celebration of Superheroes, Sci-Fi and Pop Culture, arrives at the Washington State Convention Center. If your plans include joining the festivities, Metro has several options to help you avoid driving and parking during the four days of events:

  • No matter where you’re coming from, plan your visit by using Trip Planner and Text for Departures  (text your bus stop number to 62550), be sure to add the date and time of your trip.
  • If you’re downtown and you don’t want to get your cape dusty on the way to the Convention Center, Metro routes 10, 11, and 49 will take you a short walk/roll/scoot from the main entrance.
  • Coming from another galaxy or dimension? Remember, Metro has dozens of bus routes that will deliver you downtown or connect you to Link light rail, which will get you a short distance from the Convention Center.
  • Departing from Atlantis—otherwise known as West Seattle? Don’t forget the West Seattle Water Taxi has midday and weekend service.
  • And remember, all of those going who are 18 and younger—in earth years, alternate time streams don’t count—you can ride to the convention for free!

Be sure to have your ORCA card or Transit GO Ticket ready to go to avoid long delays, because you want to be there right when the doors open.

To the Whovians, Trekkers, Jedi, Sith and cosplayers of all types and ages riding transit to search for the perfect Sonic Screwdriver, Lightsaber or Bat’leth, we would love to see your pictures. Tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

We look forward to taking you to #ECCC!