Read the 2023 Transit Appreciation Week proclamation

It’s officially Transit Appreciation Week in King County, thanks to a proclamation from the King County Council recognizing transit employees who keep the region and its economy moving forward everyday.

Councilmember Rod Dembowski spoke of Metro being the “most visible function of King County.” Dembowski, sponsor of the proclamation also highlighted Metro’s important role in providing mobility and opportunity to millions of riders through the years.

Metro’s 2021 Operator of the Year, Terry Moon, accepted the proclamation alongside Ernest Kandilige, Metro’s interim Deputy General Manager.  

Terry Moon understands as Operator of the Year he represents the over 2,500 operators who are the face of Metro, its “rolling ambassadors,” and thanked members for honoring him and his fellow operators.

“It is the people who look forward to coming to work every day and deliver on a daily basis that make the difference,” said Kandilige, thanking the council.

Transit Appreciation Week runs through March 18, when Metro celebrates Transit Operator Appreciation Day! What are the best ways to say thanks?

  • Thank your bus operator, Access driver, rail operator, streetcar operator or Water Taxi crew member. Use the hashtag #ThanksMetro and give them a shout-out on social media.
  • Download this sign and wave it at your bus stop or take a photo and tag Metro’s Twitter @KingCountyMetro.
  • Visit our Transit Appreciation Pageto learn more.

And as Councilmember Dembowski reminded his colleagues and the public, Metro is hiring! Visit “Start your Metro career” to explore well-paying positions with full benefits and a pension in transit operations, trades, rail operations, maritime positions, customer information and countless other fields.