Editor’s note: This blog post was released for April Fools’ Day 2023.

King County Metro is proud to debut a thrilling new transit option: The Commuterpult. Powered by physics and ingenuity—with 12 origin stations and six square miles of landing nets across the region—the Commuterpult brings fun, speed and stunning views to every ride!

Riders are already raving about the latest transit launch that launches you. During the project’s pilot phase, Darick Ty of West Seattle ‘pulted from work in South Lake Union to soccer practice in Georgetown. “I took an awesome video,” said Ty. “The Cascades—and my hair—have never looked better.”

The Commuterpult represents an unprecedented partnership between Metro and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Each flightpath was carefully curated by Metro’s top-notch team of engineers, mechanics, physicists, planners and retired circus performers. With one tap of your ORCA card, you can soar across King County—rain or shine.

Check back soon for a complete list of Metro’s Commuterpult origin stations and destination nets. This new service will get you there faster than you can say, “I hope the M’s win the pennant this yearrr!”