TV spotlight: Limited-edition ORCA cards designed by young artists

Screenshot of CBS KSTW 11 news story, three custom ORCA transit cards displayed; headline reads Limited-edition ORCA cards designed by young artists

Meet Jovita, Yasiman and Rey, three exceptional emerging artists who designed a series of limited-edition ORCA cards and recently told their story to a local reporter on KSTW 11. Learn more about the inspiration behind their designs and how they connect with the communities served by RapidRide. Watch the story on KSTW 11.

Three custom ORCA cards designed by youth are displayed

King County Metro celebrates launch of RapidRide H Line

Community leaders cut the ribbon to celebrate the launch of RapidRide H Line

(RapidRide H Line ribbon-cutting video on YouTube.)
King County Executive Dow Constantine joined city, county, and community leaders today to celebrate the launch of RapidRide H Line, Metro’s seventh RapidRide line. Transit improvements spanning 12 miles from downtown Seattle to Burien will upgrade the speed, reliability, and customer experience for 6,000 daily riders of the current Route 120.

Investments in new transit stations, bus lanes, and traffic signal upgrades are ready for riders along the RapidRide H Line corridor, totaling $154.1 million between Metro, Seattle, and Burien. Improvements span the entire corridor between downtown Seattle, Delridge and West Seattle, White Center, and Burien.

“We are delivering what riders across the region need: frequent service and connections to support commuting and everyday travel,” said King County Executive Dow Constantine. “RapidRide H Line transforms one of our most popular routes into a new resource connecting communities across one of the most dynamic parts of King County. It’s an exciting step forward for neighbors, businesses, families, and the next generation of transit users.” Read more.

Join us for our virtual construction office hours

A graphic of a laptop computer on a blue circle with a screen showing 12 diverse cartoon faces as to represent a virtual Zoom style audience Virtual Construction Office Hours

  • April 27, 2023, 5pm-6pm on Zoom
  • Join us online (meeting ID: 228 271 1759) or by phone (1-253-215-8782)
  • To request interpretation services for these virtual events, please contact us before the meeting via phone, at 206-257-3079, or email us at

While RapidRide H Line service began in March, we will be continuing some paving and punch list work throughout the spring (see FAQs below for more information). Specifically, there is outstanding paving work that requires warmer temperatures. This work will not impact bus service.

We will continue sending email updates monthly to keep you informed on what to expect near you. We’ll also reach out to route neighbors, businesses, and local community organizations throughout construction to notify them when and where work will happen, as well as what impacts to expect and construction wrap ups.

Please feel free to share this information with your neighbors and encourage them to contact us via email or telephone, join our virtual office hours session or sign up for project email updates.

What to expect during construction

Construction on the RapidRide H Line project began in June 2021 and is expected to last through Spring 2023. Typical work hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with some nighttime and weekend work.

During construction, you can expect:

  • Noise, vibrations, and dust in the project area
  • Temporary parking restrictions
  • Periodic lane and driveway closures
  • Large machinery and truck activity
  • Construction staging and parking impacts near the construction site
  • Some sidewalk, intersection, and lane closures
  • Detours for people walking, biking, and rolling
  • Temporary bus detours and bus stop relocations for Route 120 and other area transit and bus routes
  • Flaggers to direct traffic around work areas


Removal of panels in preparation for bus pad and panel replacement

Removal of panels in preparation for bus pad and panel replacement

26th Avenue SW and SW Roxbury Street

  • Pouring pedestrian push button and signal foundation

20th Avenue SW and SW Roxbury Street

  • Forming and pouring sidewalk, curb and ADA-compliant ramps
  • Electrical and utility work
  • Grading, forming, and pouring bus station foundation
  • Forming and pouring bus shelter and tech pylon foundation

15th Avenue SW and SW Roxbury Street

  • Pouring pedestrian push button and signal foundation
  • Forming and pouring sidewalks, curbs, and ADA-compliant ramps
  • Demolishing, forming, and pouring roadway panels
  • Overhead electrical work

White Center

Two workers install windscreen glass at a red and silver RapidRide station.

Installation of windscreen glass

No upcoming work is planned in White Center at this time.

BurienAn excavator prepares the landscaping area between the sidewalk and roadway curb.

Landscape preparation work

Ambaum Boulevard SW from SW 116th Street to SW 122nd Street

  • Paving roadway

Ambaum Boulevard and SW 128th Street

  • Underground utility work
  • Forming and pouring sidewalks

Ambaum Boulevard and SW 148th Street

  • Pouring curbs

6th Avenue SW and SW 150th Street

  • Landscaping
  • Grading, forming, and pouring sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and ADA ramps
  • Electrical work
  • Paving roadway

SW 150th Street between 5th Avenue SW and Burien Transit Center

  • Grading, forming, and pouring sidewalks, curbs, and ADA ramps
  • Paving roadway

16th Avenue SW and SW 114th Street

  • Grinding and paving roadway

Community Events

Cambodian New Year

Cambodian New Year flyer for Saturday, April 19, 2023, Year of the Rabbit

Come celebrate the 20th annual White Center Cambodian New Year Street Festival on April 29th on SW 98th Street, between 16th Ave SW and 15th Ave SW. This family-friendly event will include music, performances, games and contests, and food. More event details can be found here.

Burien Farmer’s Market

Burien Farmers Market text on photo, Text reads: Every Thursday in Town Square Park, year round 10am-4pm (oct-April) & 10am-6pm May-Sept)

The Burien Farmers Market is open all year! Every Thursday from 10am-6pm (during May to October); and 10am-4pm (during November to April), at the Burien Town Square Park.

If you have community events to share in the area, let us know! Email us at

Answers to your commonly asked questions

What is RapidRide H Line?

RapidRide H Line, previously known as Route 120, is one of our 10 busiest routes. It provides connections from neighborhoods in Burien, White Center, Delridge and downtown Seattle along Third Avenue. RapidRide H Line also provides needed connections to other bus routes and Link light rail. The RapidRide H Line project is funded by the City of Burien, City of Seattle, and King County.

How is RapidRide H Line different from Route 120?

RapidRide H Line buses operate more reliably, and riders have access to more peak commute trips operating in the reverse direction and more trips operating at night on weekends. Bus stops are upgraded with new shelters, lighting, and real-time arrival information to improve your experience. Sidewalks, street crossings, and signals were improved around stations for pedestrians, bikes, and those with limited mobility. Additionally, new business access and transit (BAT) lanes were added to improve travel times for transit and provide better access to businesses for drivers.

What are the construction hours and how long will construction last?

Typical work hours for the RapidRide H Line project are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with some nighttime and weekend work. The majority of construction concluded in March 2023 with some construction to conclude in spring 2023.

Will access to businesses be maintained throughout construction?

Access to businesses will be maintained throughout construction. We are reaching out to neighbors, businesses, and local community organizations in advance of construction near them to share when and where work will happen, as well as what impacts to expect.

Why was construction delayed previously?

Construction on RapidRide H Line was previously delayed due to a region-wide concrete driver worker strike.

Why does construction start at new locations without others being completed?

The limited and unpredictable availability of concrete resulted in crews balancing the work they can do with what materials are available to continue that work. In order to maintain the overall project schedule, we have begun several new locations where crews have the resources and materials to complete the work, while also pausing some work at other locations, as necessary. Crews are continuing to make swift progress on work throughout the project area and we look forward to being able to wrap up work at some sites throughout the project area later this summer.

Where is construction happening now?

Where crews are doing construction varies week by week. For more details about the locations where work is ongoing, see the “What’s Happening Now” section on our project website or visit our blog for more information. You can also sign up for project updates here.


How do I access my property with a new centerline curb installed? (i.e., how do I get into addresses between SW 130th St and SW 134th St).

Northbound drivers are permitted to make a U-turn at the intersection of Ambaum Boulevard SW and SW 128th Street to access properties and southbound side of the Ambaum Boulevard SW. Southbound drivers are permitted to make a U-turn at SW 136th Street to access properties on the northbound side of Ambaum Boulevard SW. Signage is posted where U-turns are allowed.

What does the red striping mean?

The red striping on Ambaum Boulevard denotes Business Access and Transit (BAT) lanes which allow buses to travel more efficiently through the corridor. This minimizes delays and increases transit speed and reliability while maintaining access to local businesses and residents. For transit riders, a designated bus lane, or BAT lane, allows buses to move more freely, leading to greater opportunity for on-time arrivals. Similarly, for drivers, BAT lanes enhance the capacity of general-purpose lanes by removing buses from general traffic. Finally, access to driveways is improved through added visibility and opportunities to turn into driveways.

BAT lanes graphic describes the rules associated with Business Access and Transit BAT lanes, including allowances for right turns and proceeding to the next intersection.

When can I use the right lane?

While BAT lanes are for transit only, other drivers may use them long enough to turn right at the next intersection. Signage is posted where right turns are allowed.

Only buses may travel in the BAT lanes, but drivers may use them to access businesses’ driveways.

How will I know if I am travelling on a BAT lane?

Posted signs and pavement markings indicate where Bus Only or BAT lanes begin. Drivers should merge into general purpose lanes or make a right turn at the next intersection. Drivers may use Bus Only or BAT lanes to enter driveways and alleys throughout the corridor.

Why did we do this project?

Public transit is an important part of how we will meet the diverse needs and priorities of our rapidly growing region. Our current demand for transit and future needs identified in our cities’ growth plans require access to expanded public transportation that is fast and reliable.

RapidRide H Line arrives more often and is more reliable than Route 120. It provides connections from neighborhoods in Burien, White Center, and West Seattle to downtown Seattle. RapidRide H Line also provides needed connections to other bus service and Link light rail.

Won’t my commute time increase?

Riders will experience a decrease in travel time with the RapidRide upgrades, including more frequent buses – operating weekdays every 10 minutes most of the day (view the timetable on the H line webpage).

King County Metro conducted a traffic analysis in 2018 before the pandemic that travel times would only be marginally affected since the lanes on Ambaum were underutilized. This traffic information was presented to the City of Burien City Council and approved prior to the project proceeding.  As our region grows, public transit is a key part of the solution to moving people from their homes to jobs and other destinations. Transit helps maximize the use of the region’s existing infrastructure by moving more people in less space than by personal vehicles.

Who paid for the project?

The RapidRide H Line project is funded by the City of Burien, City of Seattle, and King County.

What improvements did Burien get (sidewalks, improved crossings, etc)?

The following improvements were added along the RapidRide H Line route in Burien:

  • New pedestrian crossing signals and crosswalks
  • New sidewalks, sidewalk repairs and ADA-compliant ramps
  • Increased accessibility and safety features
  • RapidRide upgrades will make it easier and safer to walk and roll onto the bus.

Operational characteristics of the several new HAWK signals included on the project.

HAWK (High-Intensity Activated crossWalK) signals – also referred to as Rapid Flashing Beacons – are pedestrian-activated traffic signals designed to increase safety at mid-block crosswalks.

To improve pedestrian safety, the project team installed Rapid Flashing Beacons at several pedestrian crossings along the future RapidRide H Line route. Rapid Flashing Beacons increase pedestrian safety by raising awareness for motorists.

These signals improve safety by providing a clear indication to drivers that they must stop when a pedestrian is crossing the street. This reduces the likelihood of pedestrian-vehicle collisions, particularly at mid-block crosswalks where pedestrians may not have the protection of traffic signals at intersections. Rapid Flashing Beacons also improve safety by reducing the likelihood of pedestrian dart-outs, which occur when pedestrians attempt to cross the street without using a crosswalk or crossing at an intersection. By providing a dedicated signal for pedestrians, these signals make it easier for pedestrians to cross the street safely and with confidence.

Questions about construction? Contact us!

Thank you for your patience as we improve transit in your area. Keeping you informed and minimizing impacts are our top priorities. Throughout construction we will:

  • Be available for questions
  • Provide advance notice about construction through email updates, flyers, and other promotions
  • Maintain access to businesses and residences

RapidRide H Line Outreach Team

Sign up for RapidRide H Line email to stay up to date on construction schedule and impacts.