Buses are great. Bikes are great. Water Taxis? Awesome as well. Together, they give you unbeatable flexibility and convenience to travel around the region.

May is Bike Everywhere Month! The weather is getting better so it’s a wonderful time to try pairing your bike with transit to get you to all your destinations. Did you know Metro buses have easy-to-use bike racks? And each rack can carry up to three bikes? That gives you more efficiency, flexibility and fun to move around the region. Watch this video for some quick tips on using the racks on buses: Bikes on transit – King County Metro Transit – King County

By the way, all bikes, including electric bikes, are welcome on the Metro Water Taxi! The West Seattle and Vashon Water Taxis carry bike racks that hold both standard and “fat tire” sizes as wide as 4.6 inches.

Interested in combining your bike with other transit? We’ve got info at the bottom of the page here.

A bike rider cycles past a Metro bus.

Cascade Bicycle Club is a great resource to help you get started with free rides, classes and events related to Bike Everywhere Month.

To make combing transit with bikes even easier, in King County, you’ll find more than 30 transit locations with BikeLink on-demand bike lockers, and more on the way. That means you can cycle to transit, secure your bike in its own locker and get where you need to go! The lockers cost just 5 cents per hour. With no long-term commitment and the ability to use any location at any time, BikeLink makes bike parking easy and secure.

Learn how BikeLink works

And did you know you can combine bikes with our new Metro Flex on-demand service?

Metro Flex – Travel Options – King County Metro – King County. Download the Metro Flex app, and before booking your trip, on the “Extra passengers” page, click “+” next to Bicycle. Click this option to dispatch one of our vehicles equipped with a bike rack.

Whether you’re headed to a park, work, a festival, your local coffee shop or just want to explore a new neighborhood, pairing bikes and transit allows you to cover more distance, have fun and get in a workout, all while reducing your carbon footprint. Give it a try!