King County Metro will continue to suspend peak weekday routes 16, 232, 237, 301, 304 and 320 through Sept. 1 due to ongoing staff and bus availability. Some individual weekday bus trips also are canceled. Riders have alternatives available during these suspensions (listed below) and we will provide regular updates to keep you informed about your transit service and options. Metro’s service change is scheduled to begin Sept. 2 with a focus on improving reliability and reducing unexpected cancellations.

Metro has shifted buses among its seven bases to make repairs and as a result has maintained better trip reliability across the county. Metro continues to train and hire bus operators and mechanics to deliver buses and transit services to your bus stop. Due to ongoing bus and staff availability challenges, summer service is likely to remain in the ongoing 95% range – providing more than 10,600-weekday trips – for several weeks while we repair and restore bus fleet for service. We encourage you to sign up to receive transit alerts as intermittent trip cancellations or route suspensions can occur.

Alternatives to suspended routes

Route 16

  • Along Greenwood Avenue North and/or Phinney Avenue North, use Route 5 to/from downtown Seattle.

Route 232

  • Use Route 224 between Duvall and Redmond Transit Center. Parking is available at Duvall Park & Ride.
  • Use RapidRide B Line between Redmond Transit Center, Redmond Technology Station, and Bellevue Transit Center. Parking is available at Redmond Transit Center. 

Route 237

Route 301

  • Between Shoreline and Northgate, use Routes 346 or 348.
  • Parking is available at Aurora Village Transit Center and Shoreline Park & Ride.

Route 304

  • Between Shoreline and Northgate, use Routes 331, 345 or 348. Parking is available at Shoreline Park & Ride.

Route 320

Bus fleet repairs and supply chain issues continue

Fleet availability continues to be a challenge, and maintenance crews are making repairs and returning buses to service. We also are working with vendors to improve and stabilize the supply chain challenges affecting our industry. We appreciate your patience while we complete this important work. We are also facing workforce availability challenges and are recruiting, training and promoting mechanics, operators and trade workers to deliver our service.

To support riders better, we are sending email and text Transit Alerts in advance where there are known, recurring canceled trips for the coming week.

Before traveling, riders are encouraged to:

Real-time information on the road

  • Use “Text for Departures” by texting your bus stop number to 62550. You will receive a text with the next departure times and/or canceled trips at that stop.
  • Use the Next Departures tool on Metro’s Trip Planner to see what trips are operating at your bus stop.
  • On Twitter, follow @KingCountyMetro for general information.
  • Call Metro’s customer service office, which is open on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., at 206-553-3000.