At Metro, we aim for excellence, and we’re thrilled when the larger world recognizes this too. Carol Cooper, a Metro Managing Director for Market Innovation, was recently nationally recognized by the Association for Commuter Transportation for the excellence of her work in transportation demand management (TDM).

The TDM Champion Award recognizes a member who has made significant contributions to the industry and profession and has demonstrated commitment and dedication through leadership on the local and/or national level. The TDM Champion Award is selected by the ACT National Board President and approved by the ACT Executive Committee.

A headshot of a smiling Carol Cooper

Innovation that benefits people and improves mobility

Cooper joined Metro in 1993. The Metro Market Innovation section she leads is focused on expanding mobility through research and innovation to fill gaps, improve system efficiency and expand customer access to and use of transportation. Cooper previously served as manager of Market Development, a group devoted to eliminating barriers to transit and fostering communities where public transit options abound.

Carol was instrumental in launching the award-winning In Motion program that helps people shift their travel choices. More recently, Carol continues to advance Metro’s role in on-demand transit, such as Metro Flex, and other new transit programs, such as fare payment option improvements, to make it easier to drive less.

“Carol is passionate about bringing encouraging more people to use public transit. What I love about Carol, is she prioritizes the customer and finds innovative solutions to meet their needs,” said Christina O’Claire, Mobility Division Director for Metro. “Now with her leadership on ACT, she is bringing that passion to more people.”

Cooper says she was honored and humbled to be recognized by ACT with their Champion Award.

“I truly believe that the work we do is critical, both in helping people get around so they can live their lives, and in reducing climate emissions,” she said.  “Every trip counts in the fight to save the planet. I am fortunate to have an incredible foundation to build on laid down by my predecessors, an amazing team, and the continued support of the agency in finding new ways to get people into transit and other mobility choices.”