Update on improvements to speed Route 120

Thanks to those of you who took the time last April to learn about and comment on planned changes to improve the speed and reliability of Route 120. Some of the changes have already been made; others are still to come.

Metro made a set of stop changes in May, and will make another set of changes on Sept. 29. Final changes, such as construction of new amenities and stop relocations, will happen before next June. Check your bus stop for rider alerts to let you know if and when changes are coming.

Restriping work will start this week on Delridge Way SW to create a northbound bus lane between SW Oregon Street and SW Andover Street. This work will last about one week, during which traffic and driveway access will be maintained on Delridge Way SW. There will be travel lanes in both directions, but there may be minor delays as traffic is shifted to accommodate the work.

In October, a four-week project to install a bus bulb at the intersection of 26th Avenue SW and SW Barton Street will begin. Crews will maintain traffic and driveway access during construction, but motorists may experience minor delays while work is underway. Parts of the sidewalk on the east side of 26th Avenue SW between the existing bus stop and SW Barton Street will be closed temporarily, with signs directing pedestrians to safe alternative routes. The bus stop will be temporarily closed, and Metro will either set up a temporary stop to serve in its place or direct customers to use the next nearest stop during the closure. Pedestrians and bus riders may need to plan for additional time to reach their destinations while these projects are underway.

More than 200 people weighed in on these changes to improve the speed and reliability of Route 120. As a result of public input, Metro is keeping the northbound stops at Delridge Way SW and SW Oregon Street and Delridge Way SW and SW Edmunds Street open. The northbound stop at Ambaum Boulevard S and SW 122nd Street will also remain open, and the southbound stop at Ambaum Boulevard S and SW 124th Street will be moved farther south instead of being closed.

In addition, Metro modified its rechannelization plan for Delridge Way SW after meeting with several community members who expressed concerns about safety where the bus lane and bike lanes were originally planned to end at the north end of the project area. In the revised design, both lanes extend farther north past Andover Street. Some community members expressed concern about drivers trying to get around stopped southbound buses on Delridge Way SW at SW Andover Street. To address this concern, we will restripe the right lane to indicate that it is a right-turn-only lane for all vehicles except buses.

You can learn more about this project, which will benefit more than 7,000 daily riders of routes 120 and 125, on Metro’s website.

6 thoughts on “Update on improvements to speed Route 120

  1. It might be a problem to convert the right lane at Andover/Delridge to a right turn only. Immediately after the light at this intersection, the right lane goes onto the West Seattle Bridge and the left lane goes under it. If everyone must be in left lane, it could really get backed up, as those wishing to go under the Bridge will be held up by those trying to get onto the West Seattle Bridge, especially when traffic getting onto the Bridge is backed up onto Delridge.

  2. Please disregard previous comment. The issue I addressed was for going northbound. Sorry!

  3. Now, could someone do something about the Route #131? The 6:30am and 6:58 am ones did NOT show up this morning at !st Ave S & Normandy Road. This route has been a problem for over 20 years and that is unacceptable after all this time!

  4. This is a week or so later, but I could find no place to post a note.

    With the Metro changes, for some reason the 120, 125 routes down Delridge are all ABSOLUTELY packed by the time they get to Delridge. This is also true on the return from the city. I’m not talking a little crowded- I’m talking people unable to board as several loaded buses go by.

    I actually don’t really care what changes occurred to cause this, I just want someone to address this. If you are running fewer 120s and 125s, please start adding routes to alleviate the situation.

    Also, if there is a public forum where people can come and offer input on the bus changes, could you please let me know when it is?


  5. I am so annoyed by the 120 and 125 now! It is always packed, I have had buses pass me by, and that made me late for work. If the bus does not pass and there is room, bodies are packed like sardines. I rode the bus the other day and could not move so everytime the bus made a sudden stop everyone was falling in to each other. One of these mornings it’s going to be like a domino affect and everyone is going to fall. Then what??? I don’t even bother wearing a jacket because I know I am going to be standing and sweating from all the bodies around me, and that is not a good thing when a majority of us are heading to work. If metro is going to pack us in like sardines the least they can do is turn on the A/C. I wish this was on a trial basis and that Metro would see how much more of a headache the bus service is now. I have not heard any good feedback since Monday. I used to brag to other cities about our great bus service, but if it continues like this that will change. We need more 120 and 125 buses!

  6. Hi there. I have to say I have, so far, been pleased about the addition of the Route 166 which has more frequency through Normandy Park, Yay!

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