The Seahawks play their first Monday Night Football game of the season next week on Nov. 7. That means buses and downtown streets are likely to be crowded as thousands of football fans converge on CenturyLink Field just as thousands of commuters are trying to get home from the office. seahawks_crowd

King County Metro urges riders to plan ahead. The Monday Night Football match-up starts at 5:30 p.m. Buses are likely to be delayed on surface streets and inside the Downtown Transit Tunnel.

Visit Metro Online or Metro’s online Trip Planner to find out your options for riding transit to and from the game. When planning your trip, check Metro’s Service Advisories page to find out about any known revisions to your routes.

Metro will assign extra staff in the Downtown Transit Tunnel to help customers board on crowded buses. If you use an ORCA card, be sure to have it ready for speedier boarding. Sound Transit plans to operate extra 3-car Link trains to help handle the large crowds expected after the game.

NO SEAHAWKS SHUTTLE: Park-and-ride shuttle buses that Metro normally operates before and after Sunday games will not be available for Monday Night Football. No other service changes are planned during Monday’s game. There are no special fares. All service requires a regular fare payment.