We love our customers. Our customers (for the most part) love us. Sometimes, our customers love each other, and it’s completely appropriate!

Each Valentine’s Day, King County Metro features the love stories of people who have met or bonded with their special someone on the bus. We call it #Metromance. See what we did there?

This year, as King County Water Taxi has come under the Metro umbrella, we are also extending the series and taking you aboard the #LoveBoat. And snow my gosh, Valentine’s Day is TOMORROW!

Each year, we have our work cut out for us. People don’t talk to each other on the bus like they used to. A more gripping conversation and connection often exists within our smartphones, or so we think.

But lo’ and behold, every year, you pull through. We hear new stories of locals who have “broken the ice” through the Seattle Freeze and made a (totally appropriate) love connection on the bus.

So, check back tomorrow for this year’s installment. If you have any #Metromance stories you’d like to share, by bus or by boat, comment below! We’d love to hear from you.

Until then, take a walk down Lover’s Lane with us and see previous #Metromance stories.  

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