(Editor’s note, 4/3/20: This blog post is now out-of-date and Metro has made additional service reductions. Please go to kingcounty.gov/ReducedSchedule for the latest information.)

Many of our customers rely on transit to travel to their jobs as essential workers or to access the grocery story, pharmacy, or medical facilities. That’s why Metro maintained some service on as many routes as possible within the reduced weekday schedule that began March 23.

Below are the routes that were fully cut and alternate routes to consider. Thank you for your patience and flexibility as Metro and our region respond to COVID-19.

Here is a quick refresher on routes, services, and programs that are fully cut under our temporary Reduced Schedule:

9, 29, 37, 47, 78, 125, 200, 208, 237, 308, 330, 910, 952, ST 541, Black Diamond/Enumclaw Community Ride, Shoreline/Lake Forest Park Community Ride, Normandy Park Community Ride, Sammamish Community Ride, Juanita Community Ride, Bothell/Woodinville Community Ride, Mercer Island Community Shuttle (630), Via to Transit

Mapping out alternates

For our riders who must travel and whose routes or services have been suspended, here are some helpful alternate pathways (sorted by Seattle/Shoreline, East King County, and South King County – and then by route).


Route 9:

  • Along Rainier Ave S., use routes 7 or 106.
  • Between Rainier Valley and First Hill, use Link or routes 7 or 106 and transfer to/from the First Hill Streetcar or Route 60 at S. Jackson St. and 12th Ave S.

Route 29:

  • Between Ballard and downtown Seattle, use the D Line or express routes 15/17/18.
  • Between Ballard and West Nickerson Street, use Route 40 and routes 31 or 32 with a transfer at Fremont.
  • Between Queen Anne, Uptown, and downtown Seattle, use routes 1, 2, 3, 4, or 13.
  • Between Uptown and downtown Seattle, use D Line or routes 1, 2, 3, 4, or 13.

Route 37:

  • Between Alki and downtown Seattle,
    • Use the water taxi and routes 773 or 775; or
    • Ride Route 50 and the RapidRide C Line, transferring at the Alaska Junction; or
    • Ride Route 50 and Link light rail, transferring at S Lander St in SODO.

Route 47:

  • Walk to/from E. John St./Olive Way and use routes 10 or 43.
  • Walk to/from Broadway St. and use Route 49.
  • Walk to/from the Capitol Hill Link station (Broadway St. and John St.) and use Link light rail.

Route 78:

  • Between Laurelhurst and UW or University District, use Routes 31/32, 65/75, or 67 stopping on NE 45th at 36th Ave NE.

Route 125:

  • Between downtown Seattle and Delridge and White Center, use Route 120 operating on Delridge Way SW.
  • No service will operate between the intersections of Delridge Way SW / SW Oregon St and 16th Ave SW / SW Austin St.

Route 308:

  • Between NE 145th and downtown Seattle, use Route 77 on 15th Ave NE or routes 312 and 522 on SR-522; Route 65 provides connecting service on NE 145th S.
  • Between SR 522 and downtown Seattle, use routes 312 or 522.
  • Between Ballinger Way and downtown Seattle, use Route 331 or 342 and transfer to/from Routes 312 at SR 522 & 61st Ave NE.
  • No service will operate on 35th Ave NE, north of NE 190th St in Lake Forest Park.

Route 330:

  • No service will be stopping on N. 160th, N/NE 155th St., NE 150th St, or 25th Ave NE in the Parkwood, Ridgecrest, and Fircrest neighborhoods of Shoreline.
  • Routes 345 and 348 and routes 346 and 347 connect with one another at the Northgate Transit Center; routes 41 and 75 connect the Northgate Transit Center and Lake City Way.

Via to Transit:

  • In southeast Seattle, use routes 7, 14, 36, 48, 50, 60, 106, or 107.

Shoreline/Lake Forest Park Community Ride:

  • In Lake Forest Park and Shoreline, most bus routes will operate.
  • No evening or night service will be available on Ballinger Way NE in Lake Forest Park and Shoreline.

East King County

Route 200:

  • In Issaquah Highlands and Issaquah, use Route 269 (no deviation off NW Sammamish Rd.) or Route 554.
  • Along Newport Way NW, NW Gilman Rd., and Front St. N., use Route 271 or Route 554.

Route 208:

  • In peak periods, use Snoqualmie Community Shuttle (Route 628).
  • No mid-day service will be available.

Route 237:

  • Use route 311 to Totem Lake Freeway Station and transfer to route 532 to Bellevue or;
  • Use route 230 or 231 to Kirkland TC and transfer to/from routes 250 to Bellevue.

Mercer Island Community Shuttle (Route 630):

  • On Mercer Island, use Route 204.
  • Between Mercer Island and First Hill, use route 204 to Mercer Island Park & Ride, then
    • Use routes 216, 550, or 554 to downtown Seattle and transfer to/from routes 2, 3, 4, 12, or 27 to access First Hill, or
    • Use Route 554 to Seattle and transfer to/from the First Hill Streetcar on S. Jackson Street.

ST Route 541:

  • Use Route 542 between Overlake and University of Washington.
  • Between University District and Green Lake, use Route 45.

Sammamish Community Ride:

  • Use Route 269.

Juanita Area Community Ride:

  • In Kenmore, Juanita and north Kirkland, use routes 225, 230, 231, or 255.
  • In Bothell, use routes 230, 231, and 239.

Bothell/Woodinville Community Ride:

  • In Bothell, use routes 230, 231, 239, 522, 535, or 931.
  • In Woodinville, use routes 230, 231, 522, or 931.

South King County

Route 910:

  • Between Auburn Station and 37th Street NE, use Route 180.
  • Between Auburn Station and the Outlet Collection, use Route 917.

Black Diamond/Enumclaw Community Ride:

  • In Black Diamond, use routes 143 and 907.
  • In Enumclaw, use routes 186 and 915.

Normandy Park Community Ride:

  • Use Routes 156, 166 and 631 (Burien Community Shuttle), and 635 (Des Moines Community Shuttle).

Via to Transit:

  • Use Metro routes 124, 128, A Line, or F Line in Tukwila.

I know my alternate route – what’s next?

We recommend using Text for Departures to verify that your trip is coming. You can also contact Customer Information online or via phone (206-553-3000 WA Relay: 711) with any additional trip planning questions—including finding out specific timetables.

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