(UPDATE: For more recent information on suspended routes and alternatives, please visit our Dec. 18 blog post.)

Metro continues to deliver more than 90% of its typical 11,000 weekday trips. Before traveling, riders are encouraged to review our service advisories, use real-time tools below to see whether the trip they want is operating and review our list of alternative routes if their route is temporarily suspended.

On Thursday, Dec. 15 and Friday, Dec. 16, Metro will temporarily suspend the following routes: 9, 15, 17, 18, 29, 64, 121, 237, 301, and 304.

Metro’s first priority is the safety of our community members, customers and employees. These service reductions are in response to the Dec. 6 announcement about the Metro fleet.

  • Use “Text for Departure” by texting your bus stop number to 62550. You will receive a text with the next departure times and/or canceled trips at that stop.
  • Sign up for Transit Alerts via email or text.
  • On Twitter, follow @kcmetroalerts for route alerts, cancellations and delays. Follow @KingCountyMetro for general information.
  • Visit kingcounty.gov and/or use other map apps (e.g., Bing Maps, Google Maps, One Bus Away, etc.)
  • Metro’s customer service office is open on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays at 206-553-3000.

Alternatives for suspended routes:

Route 9:

  • Along Broadway and Boren Avenue, use routes 43 and 49.
  • Along Rainier Avenue South, use Route 7.

Route 15:

  • Between downtown Seattle and Crown Hill, use the RapidRide D Line.

Route 17:

  • Between downtown Seattle and Ballard, use routes 40 and 44 to connect to the RapidRide D Line, or continue on Route 40 if not travelling to/from Uptown or Interbay.

Route 18:

  • Between downtown Seattle and Ballard, use the RapidRide D Line.
  • Along 24th Avenue Northwest and Leary Avenue Northwest, use Route 40.

Route 29:

  • Between Ballard and downtown Seattle, use the D Line.
  • Between Ballard and West Nickerson Street, use Route 40 and routes 31 or 32 with a transfer at Fremont.
  • Between Queen Anne, Uptown, and downtown Seattle, use routes 3 or 4.
  • Between Uptown and downtown Seattle, use the RapidRide D Line or routes 3 or 4.

Route 64:

  • Use Route 65 to connect to Link Light Rail for service to downtown Seattle.
  • For service to SLU, transfer from Link Light Rail to the RapidRide C Line or Route 40 in downtown Seattle.

Route 121:

  • Between Georgetown and downtown Seattle, use Route 113.
  • To travel between Burien Transit Center and downtown Seattle, take routes 120 or 131.

Route 301:

  • To travel to and from Downtown Seattle, use the RapidRide E Line.

Route 304:

  • To travel to and from Downtown Seattle, use Route 5 or the RapidRide E Line.