King County Executive Dow Constantine announced today the West Seattle water taxi will maintain a year-round midday and weekend sailing schedule beginning October 16.  

Prior to 2021, during the fall and winter, the water taxi reduced service, sailing only during commute hours with no midday service. In September 2021, during the repair of the West Seattle High Bridge, the water taxi started a pilot program funded by the Seattle Department of Transportation that provided midday sailings, offering a transportation choice for those wanting to avoid the construction detours driving to and from West Seattle.  

In 2022, the water taxi continued the pilot, and the ridership levels were enough to recommend maintaining the winter sailings, funded by the King County Marine Division, as a permanent part of the schedule. 

“The water taxi continues to deliver a reliable, enjoyable ride as part of Seattle’s transit infrastructure. Maintaining seven-day-a-week service creates a regular option that allows people to stay out of their cars and get where they need to go,” said Executive Constantine. 

In preparation for the start of the winter sailing schedule, Water Taxi staff will be conducting vessel maintenance on October 14 and 15. West Seattle service will be canceled for that weekend.  

The seven-day-a-week service will continue to run from approximately 6 a.m. weekdays (8:30 a.m. weekends) to 7 p.m. Weekday sailings will depart the dock every 35 minutes during peak commute hours and every hour during the midday, and on weekends. There will be no Friday or Saturday sailings after 7 p.m.  

“We are excited to maintain a service that many people have come to depend on,” said Marine Director Terry Federer. “The year-round service also allows the water taxi to maintain a regular staffing schedule since it’s no longer necessary to reduce staff at the end of the summer sailing season.”  

During commute hours, riders can take the free Metro shuttles to and from the Water Taxi landing at Seacrest Park. Route 773 serves the West Seattle junction and Route 775 serves the Admiral District and Alki.  

“As a passionate water taxi rider, I’m excited to see all-day water taxi service become a year-round option for everyone commuting between West Seattle and downtown Seattle,” said King County Councilmember Joe McDermott, whose district includes West Seattle. “See you on the boat!”  

Adult fare for the West Seattle Water Taxi is $5.75 one way ($5.00 with an ORCA card), with youth able to ride for free. There are also fare options available to reduce the cost of riding the Water Taxi. Go to Metro’s Reduced Fare Portal for more information on eligibility for an ORCA LIFT card or a Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) card.  


West Seattle Water Taxi