Metro seeks input on E and F lines

RapidRide service will be coming to two new corridors when the E and F lines start rolling in 2013, and Metro is asking now for public feedback about routing and stops.

The E Line will travel along Aurora Avenue N between Shoreline and Seattle, replacing Route 358. We’re considering two alternative paths in the Green Lake area between N 64th Street and Winona Avenue N, and want to know which option people prefer.

The F Line will serve Burien, SeaTac, Tukwila, and Renton, replacing Route 140. We want to learn what people think about several different routing options between Burien and Renton, and a possible future extension of the line to the Renton Landing.

We’d also like comments about overall route design and proposed stop locations for both lines.

Find details, maps, a link to an online survey, and more ways to comment on Metro’s website: E Line | F Line

2 thoughts on “Metro seeks input on E and F lines

  1. I do not understand why Burien needs a Rapid Ride to Renton. Burien is consistently getting express services cut to the city of Seattle. Instead we get more 120 services which does not serve the Burien to Seattle riders well. Can we discuss a Rapid Ride service from Burien to Seattle using 1st Ave or 4th Ave SW, with services all day long? Our currentroute is being altered because of the tunnel. Lets start serving our Burien riders that need express services to Seattle all day long.

  2. Metro hasn’t reduced express service during peak hours between Burien and downtown Seattle. In fact, we’ve added some trips over the past several years to help offset the effects of the Alaskan Way Viaduct project.

    This fall we’re proposing to revise Route 123 into a true express route via SR-509, in conjunction with routes 121 and 122 (learn more). Route 120 is the primary off-peak service between Burien and downtown Seattle, and we’re also planning to improve its speed and reliability with traffic signal priority measures, bus lanes, and stop consolidation.

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