Today, July 7the City of Seattle announced that it is proposing a ballot measure this November to renew the Seattle Transportation Benefit District (STBD), a Seattle-only taxing measure that helps pay for Metro service in Seattle. The current STBD expires at the end of 2020.  

The current STBDwhich was approved by voters in 2014, has provided additional transit resources for Seattle residents and beyond over the past six years 

Metro values our partnership with City of Seattle and we seek to learn more about their proposed STBD ballot measure.  

Metro seeks to provide safe, equitable, and sustainable mobility solutions throughout King County. Together, Metro and the City of Seattle have provided service to residents with a broad range of mobility needs, including those traveling to and from work during traditional and non-traditional commute times, and those who rely on transit to reach groceries, family, medical care, school, social outings, and other needs.  

Like many organizations in our region, Metro faces a budget shortfall as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Financial forecasts predict an estimated $465M loss in sales tax revenue and an estimated $130-150M loss in farebox revenueWhile Metro’s ridership is gradually recovering, this financial reality means we’ll operate at reduced service levels for the foreseeable future unless additional funding is identified. Sustainable funding sources like STBD would help us lower the amount of reductions neededsupport our return to prior levels of service, and allow Metro to more accurately plan for the future. 

Metro is interested in furthering our partnership with the City of Seattle and exploring the STBD ballot measure in support of transit service.